Re-inventing the Remove Ads Button with a Video Ad


There is nothing more boring in mobile apps than the Remove Ads button. At least that was the case until recently. The least expected place for innovation just re-invented itself. I have seen the option to watch a single video ad to remove ads in one app and then in another. When I saw it the 3rd time I realized there is a trend here and I’m sure others will quickly adopt this new standard.

Watching 1 Video Ad Equals an Ad Free Session

You can see an examples of what it looks like in the games Blocky Football and Tiltagon:

unnamed (2)










The prompt gives the user choice between paying $1.99 to remove ads permanently or watching a video to remove them temporarily.

Similar approach has been implemented by Spotify that offers a 30 minute ad free session in return for watching 1 video ad.












It’s all about user choice

These ads are likely to become more and more popular since they give users choices. Some users don’t mind the ad interruptions while others might prefer to focus their ad experience in a short time and be done with it. It also signifies a more open and transparent approach to ads. Publishers are telling their users “look we need to get paid to continue making games, it’s your choice how to help us”.


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