App Revenue Going Up and Down – Why?

app developer sitting in front of a screen and seeing his app revenue going up and down

Thomas is an app developer who monetizes his revenue through mobile ads. He sees his app revenue going up and down and comes to his mentor Walt for guidance. This is an attempt to bring some of the new formats introduced by our sister company Playbuzz to our blog. Hope you like it.

Additional resources explaining app revenue flactuation

Mobile ad networks Comparison Spreadsheet
Google doc sheet comparing 18 mobile ad networks on parameters related to revenue, payout, mediation support and reporting API

5 Secrets of mobile ad networks
Publishers are often blind to how ad networks operate and what drives their revenue. This post points some of the misconceptions.

Why is your eCPM fluctuating
The reality is that the eCPM revenue is driven mostly by the amount of interactions the user has with the ad and the app that is being advertised. Typically, an ad network will have a mix of advertisers with different payment models: CPI, CPC and CPM.

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