Do You Know Who is Advertising in Your App?

knowing who is advertising in your app could have multiple benefits for you

In-app ads are getting more and more popular these days. The increase in CPI levels alongside the penetration of brands have made it possible to build a successful ad-support app company and many are doing so. Given this trend, it’s becoming increasingly important to understand who is advertising in your app but that’s not an easy task today. Most likely, an app developer will be using ad-networks to place ads in his apps and so this setup doesn’t allow the him to get reports on the identity of the advertisers.

Verify that you are not helping your direct competitors

One reason to track the ads in your app and reveal the advertisers’ identity is to make sure you are not helping your direct competitors. You might be able to manually check this by opening your app and using it yourself until ads are shown but keep in mind that the ads you see in one country are different than the ads shown in another country and sometimes campaigns even change by time of day. To do this right you need a 24/7 operation in 249 countries which is quite impossible to do manually. Luckily, there are several tools to do this. On mobile web, Adclarity and GeoEdge are providing this service and for Mobile Apps you can check SOOMLA Traceback.

Monitor ad integrity

Another reason to know what ads are running is to enforce policies you may have in-place with regards to ads been shown. In ad-supported apps, ads are part of the overall experience and ads that are in-appropriate would damage your brand, lead to bad reviews and hurt your retention. Here are some of the ads you want to weed out:

  • Inappropriate ads such as ads with nudity
  • Ads with deceiving UX and false promises
  • Offensive ads

Understand what’s driving the eCPM you are getting

Knowing what campaigns are been run by ad-networks allows you to improve your monetization strategy and up your ad-operations game. Lets think about a situation where you are using Vungle and Unity Ads and Vungle’s eCPMs have been higher in the last few days and they are on top of the waterfall. Tomorrow, their biggest campaign might end and the eCPMs would drop. If you would wait for the ad-mediation to pick up on this change you might get 2 days of low eCPMs until the waterfall configuration is changed by the mediation auto-pilot. Knowing about a campaign that just ended would allow you to respond more quickly.

Get ideas for direct deals you can make

You might have heard that direct deals with advertisers can bring higher monetization levels by cutting out the middle man. Knowing who is currently advertising in your app can give you tips about the best advertisers for your app and can give you the information that the advertiser would ask about.

If you are using ad networks to monetize your app you should check out SOOMLA TRACEBACK. In addition to advertising revenue attribution you can also get information about the campaigns running in your app.

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