Flurry Analytics – Calculating LTV (Slides)

Calculating LTV for mobile apps with flurry analytics and an online calculator.

In the early years of the mobile app ecosystem, Flurry analytics was the only way to go. The free platform offered basic KPIs, charts and trends that will satisfy mobile app developers measurement needs. Flurry remained a popular choice among smaller app developers even when more competitors entered the space. While the platform gives many KPIs, calcualting LTV is still pretty complex for app publishers who relay on Flurry. The presentation below provides an easy solution and walks the reader through collecting information from flurry and inserting it into an online LTV calculator.


When calculating your LTV, make sure you are including your ad revenue in the mix. If you need a tool to accurately report ad revenue and ad LTV in different segments, cohorts and traffic sources you should check out SOOMLA.


Calculating LTV with Flurry Analytics Caption

1. MOBILE APP LTV Calculation Using Flurry Analytics
2. About Me MD @ Kontera (Blog/Text Monetization) Co-founder / CEO @ SOOMLA (Ad LTV as a Service) Co-founder / VP Sales @ Eyeview (Video Ads & Analytics)
3. About SOOMLA Traceback Flexible integration with your BI and Attribution via S2S APIs Leverages listener SDKs that require zero client side code Unique technology that extracts ad revenue per user from inside the ad-networks
4. LTV Calculation Steps Find your ARPDAU Your key retention rates – where to collect them Use online LTV calculator to get the result
6. Aggregated Daily Revenue Monthly Revenue Revenue from Google Play $6,000 Revenue from Apple $2,000 Ad Revenue $40,000 Total $12,000 Daily Revenue – the monthly revenue divided by number of days. In this case it’s $400
7. DAU in Flurry Analytics – Step 1 Go to the “Active Users” view and select “Last Week”
8. DAU in Flurry Analytics – Step 2 Either collect the data points one by one by copying and pasting or simply download the CSV
9. Averaging DAU DAU Sunday 2,450 Monday 2,305 Tuesday 2,773 Wednesday 3,054 Thursday 2,957 Friday 2,597 Saturday 2,278 Average 2,631 Tip – the DAU usually fluctuates during the week so it’s important to use average of at least one week
10. ARPDAU Calculation ARPDAU – the daily revenue divided by the average daily active users (DAU) Calculation Average Daily Revenue $400 Average DAU 2,613 Total $0.2
12. Retention in Flurry Analytics – Step 1 Select “Return Rate” and set the date filter to “Last Month” and the resolution to “days”
13. Retention in Flurry Analytics – Step 2 Collect the points from the bottom row – this is the average retention rate for that day
14. Key Retention Rates Retention Rate Day1 37.90% Day7 8.70% Day14 4.10% Day30 1.10% Note – we took a slightly lower number for Day30. Flurry had only Day28 Retention
16. Feeding Retention Data In Use the key retention rates from step 2 in the top part of the LTV calculators
17. Feeding ARPDAU Data In Use the ARPDAU we calculated in step 1 in the bottom part of the calculator
18. The Result The result is shown in the bottom part of the calculator
19. Thank you!

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