Increase Rewarded Video Revenue by Mastering Opt-In Ratio

Increase your video revenue by matering opt in ratio and getting more users to convert to rewarded video advertising

Rewarded Video is a big trend these days in mobile games. For many games the video revenue has become the main source of income. The opt-in ratio is a factor that is mostly overlooked and could help you maximize this opportunity.

What is opt-in ratio?

This important factor is one of the best kept secrets of the studios who have spent a great deal of effort optimizing their rewarded video revenue. Opt-in ratio means the number of users who opted to see rewarded videos out of the total number of users that day. Another way to look at it – what are the chances a single user will click on the button to watch videos. It is a form of conversion rate.

How much it can increase my video revenue?

In most game this ranges between 20% and 40%. Focusing on this parameter alone can double your revenue from the rewarded video channel simply because more users will be generating revenue for you. For example, if you have 100,000 DAU today and 20% opt-in ratio it means you are monetizing 20% of your users. Increasing that to 40% will result in twice as many users who are contributing revenue to your game.


Measuring your opt-in ratio

There are a few ways to measure opt-in ratio. If you have an analytics platform, you can set-up events to be sent every time a user clicks to see a video ad. You then need to set up a custom funnel in your analytics platform to track how many users had that event fired. Alternatively, you can use SOOMLA Traceback to measure this for you with no need to add any code or set up any funnels in your analytics dashboard.

Improving the opt-in ratio

Once you start measuring this ratio, you want to create an iterative improvement process where you try different things and constantly track the improvements until the goal is reached. Depending on your game design, here are a few things you may want to try:

  • Introducing rewarded video as part of the tutorial or to get the initial starting bonus
  • Placing prompts in key moments where the user needs an extra boost to receive this boost in return for watching a video
  • Targeting users who didn’t opt-in by showing them prompts

These are just ideas to try. You should come up with more and test them until you reach the goal of 40% opt-in.

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