Test Yourself – How Data Driven Your Game Really Is? (Quiz)

We all believe we make rational decision based on quantitative data. In reality, there are many biases that we are not even aware of. Want to know how data driven you really are and find opportunities to improve? Here is a fun quiz we made just for you.

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Raised in the Kibbutz and reborn in the city, Yaniv is a certified entre-parent-neur. When he’s not busy doing SEO, content marketing, administration, QA, fund raising, customer support… [stop to breathe], you can find Yaniv snowboarding down the slopes of France and hiking with his kids. Yaniv holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Management from Tel Aviv University. He is also an avid blogger and a speaker at industry events. Before SOOMLA, Yaniv co-founded EyeView



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