MAU Vegas 2018 Ultimate Attendee List

We've got the ultimate spreadsheet containing 998 companies and 1862 attendee who are attending MAU Grow in Vegas this year.  Want to take a peak?

MAU Grow is in a few days and we’re excited to be attending. Based in Vegas, MAU Grow is considered to be the world’s leading mobile acquisition and retention summit of the year, attracting some of the top mobile brands for a full two days. The conference is packed with networking events and keynote speakers from some of the world’s top marketing talent. You can find the full brochure / overview here if you want to take a look.

Who is coming?

The number one issue with most conferences is combing through the hundreds (in this case thousands) of people attending and finding ways to reach out the them.
I’ve done the hard work for you! In the spreadsheet below you can find a list of 998 companies and 1862 attendees that are going to be at MAU Grow this year in Vegas. To make it even easier for you, I’ve added the name, title and company for each attendee.

Downloading, Copying and Editing this Spreadsheet

Here is a direct link to the spreadsheet.

You can download this Spreadsheet or copy to your own Google Drive from the file menu once you open it. Please do not use the “Request Access” option as we will not approve those.

If your company is not in there and you want to add yourself to the list, simply email us to scottie [at] soomla [dot] com. We will be happy to add you.

Of course, SOOMLA will be there too so if you want to meet – drop us a line to scottie [at] soomla [dot] com.

How to connect with other companies

MAU Grow does offer an internal networking app, however it is only available for those who have applied, been approved and bought a ticket to attend the official event. For those of you who are not officially attending the event, this is why the spreadsheet is even more important. To connect with some of these companies we recommend utilizing the tried and true Linkedin – simply send people connection requests and ask for a meeting

If you found this helpful at all, we’d love to hear and of course feel free to share to anyone. Also, be sure to check out our latest series on Japan eCPM Benchmarks Series! Part 1 is a broader overview of iOS vs Android and Part 2 looks at the individual ad networks and their performance / dominance.

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