Inside SOOMLA: Advertiser Breakdown

Inside SOOMLA: A sneak peak into our Advertiser Breakdown screen.  One of the many unique and invaluable features within SOOMLA

In this installation of “Inside SOOMLA”, we’re going to show off our “Advertiser Breakdown” screen. In a nutshell, the entire purpose of this feature is to provide publishers with invaluable data about who is advertising in their app. Whether you want to understand which advertisers are paying out the highest eCPM, make direct deals, or see which advertisers are causing churn – this the place to get it all.

Ultimately, the ad experience is a double edged sword. On one end, ads can provide a significant boost to revenue and counter in-app purchase cannibalization by being properly monitored. On the other end, if not controlled, ads can ruin a user’s experience in the app and send them running for the uninstall button.

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There are several use cases that we’ve seen throughout the market for this data, so let’s take a look:

Case 1 – Advertiser Blocking Compliance

Ad-networks sometimes provide the ability for publishers to block specific advertisers. There are several reasons why publishers tend to do so:

  1. Publishers suspect that their direct competitors are causing churn (despite SOOMLA’s report on advertiser churn).
  2. Certain advertisers are deemed inappropriate for the target audiences of some apps.

These are valid reasons to want to block advertisers, however how does a publisher know that the ad-network is complying with their request. This can easily be tracked by drilling down into the specific ad networks and seeing all of the advertisers it pushes through via the campaigns.


Case 2 – Comparing Ad Networks

More often than not, multiple ad networks are running the same campaigns, however not necessarily paying out the same eCPMs the the publishers. By drilling down into each specific advertiser, publishers can see understand which ad networks are offering what terms for one advertiser allowing you to compare ad networks to each other.

Publishers can begin to maximize their revenue potential on the per impression level like never before.

Case 3 – Doing Direct Deals

You’ve set up a deal to get ads in your app. Great. But do you know how many middle men there are between you and the advertiser? It could be 1, but it also could be 10. Each consecutive step in the process, someone is taking a cut, meaning publishers are leaving money on the table.

By knowing who is advertising in your app, you can build a priority list of advertisers you should approach and attempt to close direct deals with. Even if you don’t choose to close a direct deal, knowing the eCPMs of the advertisers through the ad-networks is still useful to establish benchmarks.


The Advertiser Breakdown analysis is another unique feature to SOOMLA that bring value to publishers who can utilize the data. Our quarterly Monetization and Insights reports can help make sense of all the data, providing some actionable insights. Check out our recent case study with Applife where our report insights boosted their rewarded video revenue by 94%.

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