Industry First – User Churn in Mobile Apps: Advertiser Blacklisting Benchmarks by SOOMLA

Industry First - Benchmarks Report on Advertiser Churn and the Revenue Generated from Churned Users

This report investigates churn by certain advertisers and app categories. More specifically, we looked at Match-3, Word and Bubble games, the apps that placed ads within them, and how many users they churn.

By diving into the advertisers themselves, the report aims to give publishers the tools needed to decide which advertisers to allow, which to block and finally, which can generate more revenue for them despite causing users to churn.

You are welcome to download the report through this link.

In the report you can find:

  • Breakdown of popular game categories – Bubble, Match-3 and Word
  • Highest & Lowest Impression Advertisers
  • Highest & Lowest Churning Advertisers
  • New Terminology : Churn Yield
  • Churn vs Revenue – The return on a churned user
  • Churn Yield per Category
  • Highest & Lowest Churn Yield Advertisers
  • Easy to Digest Take Aways

Heres a sneak peak into one of the many breakdowns in the report:

Sneak peak at SOOMLA's User Mobile Churn Report - Q1 2019

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