Top 10 Mobile Gaming Conferences You Should Attend 2019

Top 10 Mobile Gaming Conferences You Should Attend 2019

As the mobile gaming industry continues to grow, as do the number of conferences that are springing up, each with their own focus targeted audiences. Some are more focused for Indies, others for executives, and others try to hit them all with a broader agenda. Ultimately depending on what your goal is for attending the conference, your choice which conference is relevant will vary.

Here is our list of the top 10 mobile gaming conferences that you should attend in 2019, and it’s not because we are attending them too!

#1 – Casual ConnectCasual Connect Conference

Casual Connects hosts several conferences across the globe, each with its own particular focus. Anywhere from developers, game design, east meets west, and game tech innovation.

Name Casual Connect
Locations 4 per year: USA, Europe, Asia, Eastern Europe
Avg. Companies 600+
Avg. Attendees 800-2000+
Cost Varies from several hundred $ to thousand+
Focus Mobile Gaming Industry

#2 – Digital DragonsDigital Dragons Conference

Digital Dragons boasts as the leading Mobile game industry in Europe. Based in Krakow, Poland, Digital Dragons has several tracks, dozens of lectures and workshops that attendees can participate in.

Name Digital Dragons
Locations 1 per year: Krakow, Poland
Avg. Companies 550+
Avg. Attendees 1700+
Cost Several hundred Euros
Focus European Mobile Gaming and Indie Showcases

#3 – Game ConnectionGame Connection

Game Connection is a business convention for the game industry where publishers, developers, service providers and distributors come to find new partners and/or new clients. Considered to be the go-to conference for business.

Name Game Connection
Locations Paris and San Francisco
Avg. Companies 1500+
Avg. Attendees 2700+
Cost Several hundred $
Focus Business Creation for Game Industry

#4 – Game Developers ConferenceGame Developers Conference

Game Developers Conference is a 5 day event that attracts thousands of attendees from all over the world. They have a wide variety of tracks / sessions on just about every topic from blockchain to VR to monetization. Many up and coming publishers use the conference as a great opportunity to show off their upcoming games.

Name Game Developer Conference
Locations San Francisco
Avg. Companies 700+
Avg. Attendees 1500+
Cost Depends on type of ticket: from free to several hundred.
Focus All things gaming, expo, showcase

#5 – Game Industry Analytics ForumDelta DNA’s Game Industry Analytics Forum

Delta DNA’s Games Industry Analytics Forum is a series of events targeted at all industry professionals who seeks to make their games better through analytics. They bring a large mix of industry experts who speak on a variety of topics.

Name Games Industry Analytics Forum
Locations San Francisco and London
Avg. Companies NA
Avg. Attendees NA
Cost Free
Focus Analytics

#6 – Mobile Games ForumMobile Games Forum

Mobile Games Forum brings together gaming industry decision makers to discuss the direction of the industry and potential strategies. The larger portion of attendees tends to be C level, senior managers and directors.

Name Mobile Games Forum
Locations 2 per year: London and Seattle
Avg. Companies 150+
Avg. Attendees 600+
Cost Several hundred $
Focus Upper Management / Decision Makers

#7 – Mobile Growth SummitMobile Growth Summit

Mobile Growth Summit is a non-vendor conference targeted at those who work in the mobile growth industry. The conference aims to bring mobile growth and marketing professionals together to connect and learn from one another in areas such as UA, monetization, retention and eCommerce.

Name Mobile Growth Summit
Locations 4 per year: Prague, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Berlin
Avg. Companies 150+
Avg. Attendees 600+
Cost Varies from several hundred $ to thousand +
Focus Director and C-Level Mobile Growth / Marketing

#8 – Nordic GamesNordic Games Conference

Happens once a year in Malmö Sweden, Nordic Games Conference is the only conference that is solely focused on the Nordic Game Industry, showcasing developers and publishers from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Name Mobile Growth Summit
Locations 1 per year: Malmö, Sweden
Avg. Companies 150+
Avg. Attendees 2000+
Cost Varies from several hundred Euro to a thousand +
Focus Nordic Game Industry

#9 – Pocket Gamer ConnectsPocket Gamer Connects Conference

Pocket Gamer’s Global Mobile Game Conference is held three times a year in various locations. The main focus tends to be on global game publishing strategies, opportunities in various markets. They have several (12 or so) content tracks each with a focus such as Monetization, Marketing, eSports, Growth and more.

Name Pocket Gamer Connects
Locations 3 per year: London, Helsinki, San Francisco
Avg. Companies 600+
Avg. Attendees 1200+
Cost Varies from several hundred $ to thousand +
Focus Mobile Gaming Industry

#10 – White NightsWhite Nights Conference

White Nights is considered to be a business conference for the gaming industry. They are focused on all aspects of the gaming industry, including mobile, PC, console, web, AR and VR.

Name White Nights
Locations 4 per year: Prague, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Berlin
Avg. Companies 800+
Avg. Attendees 1600+
Cost Several hundred $
Focus Business of Games

Worthy Mention – #11 – App Promotion SummitApp Promotion Summit

While not entirely focused on gaming, App Promotion Summit is a mobile growth conference that covers all aspects of app marketing. The summit acts as a meeting hub for industry members to grow, learn and drive growth.

Name App Promotion Summit
Locations 3 per year: London, NYC, Berlin
Avg. Companies NA
Avg. Attendees 400+
Cost Several hundred $
Focus Mobile App Growth

As you can see, each conference caters to a different crowd and the decision on which to attend is really based on what is your main goal for attending.

Business Purposes – The Meeting System

If your main goal for attending a mobile gaming conference is to meet with potential clients, partners or even networking, the meeting systems that are available with the ticket purchase can be invaluable. Here are a few of the meeting systems we’ve encountered at SOOMLA:

Feature Pitch'n'Match MeetToMatch Let's Meet Bizzabo
Profile Creation Y Y Y Y
Search Filters Y Y Y Y
Internal Messaging Y Y
Mobile App Y
Block Meeting Time Slots Y Y Y
Agenda Export Y Y Y Y
Automatic Scheduling System Y


We hope this list helped with making a decision for which mobile gaming conference to attend in 2019. If there are any crucial gaming conferences you think we missed in the list, drop me us a line and we’ll be sure to add it!

If you are planning to attend any of these conferences and want to set a meeting with someone at SOOMLA, be sure to let us know in advance through our Contact Us form. Happy conferencing!

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