6 Mobile Marketing Statistics to Keep an Eye On

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As the world moves increasingly into the mobile sphere and humans become more attached to their mobile devices, mobile marketing becomes ever more important. Mobile marketers are spending billions of dollars in their struggle to remain at the top, with mobile app monetization becoming one of the most profitable business options.

Mobile technologies are also developing at a fast pace. The 5G rollout, foldable design, AI and AR, as well as increasing voice tech capabilities, are forever changing the mobile scene (for the better, hopefully).

In such a dynamic environment, it is critical for all the serious players to stay on top of their budget planning game. One of the better ways to do so is by observing statistics and gaining insights from these numbers. With this in mind, let’s take a look at six valuable mobile marketing statistics provided by Applift’s Becky Holton that (should you choose to) will shape your mobile marketing tactics:

1. Q3 2018: Google Play – 8 million apps, Apple – 2.2 million apps

Let’s not forget Windows Store and Amazon Appstore, with 669.000 and 600.000 apps respectively. This information demonstrates the sheer immensity of the mobile app market and the potential it has for everyone smart enough to use it.

According to Tal Shoham, the COO at IronSource, quoted by Mobile Marketer, the market will see an increase in games offering demos before download “as this heavier ad format will no longer be constrained.” He believes the app stores will open up to these bigger games, which will ultimately lead to richer gaming experiences on mobile.

If you are a mobile app designer, deciding on which mobile platform and app store to focus when creating an app is not always an easy task as there are multiple factors to consider. However, SOOMLA has resources to put you on the right track.


2. Mobile conversion rates continue to grow

Even though the traditional methods are still in the lead, mobile marketing is slowly creeping up. Although the smartphone conversion rates in the third quarter of 2018 were 1.84% versus 3.94% for desktop, tablet conversion rates amounted to 3.78%, demonstrating mobile’s potential to ultimately outmatch traditional marketing.

Here is the table from Monetate’s Quarterly Report for Q3 2018, showing a slow but sure increase of conversion rates for smartphones and tablets in comparison to traditional devices:

A Table shows a conversion comparison by device in a quarterly from 2017-2018

Source: Monetate

3. 20.2% of consumers are not feeling safe to buy via mobile

This is just one of the myriad of reasons why people are still reluctant to purchase from their mobile devices.

According to comScore’s Mobile Hierarchy Report, other things that turn them away are the lack of visible details about the product, no options to open multiple screens for product comparison, complicated navigation, and difficulty with personal detail input when purchasing.

image show in a graphical why the reasons why consumers are not doing mobile purchases in their devices

Source: comScore

These are some of the things to pay attention to when optimizing your mobile website with conversion in mind.

4. 2018: US enterprises diverted 9.4% of their total marketing budgets to mobile

Businesses are increasingly more aware of the role mobile devices play in people’s lives and therefore understand the significance of mobile marketing. Obviously, there are some high stakes at work in this business and you cannot afford to miss out.

Planning your budget is not easy. You may have to increase your annual budget or redistribute your expenses to suit your mobile marketing needs. Whatever you choose to do, keep your ultimate objectives in mind, as well as the metrics that help you optimize your spending, such as cost per install (CPI) and effective cost per 1,000 impressions (eCPM).

5. 2020: mobile ad spent WW  $247.4b while US alone –  $131.41b

As already mentioned, wise entrepreneurs are focusing a large portion of their spending on mobile advertising, in accordance with the trends. One of these trends refers to the development of voice tech and the increasing presence of smart speakers in houses around the globe.

Consumers are becoming more accustomed to asking Alexa or Google Assistant to perform important tasks and rely on their input when it comes to searching for companies that will offer them services or goods. For instance, you can ask your device to suggest the best places to eat at when planning your Saturday night or your smart fridge can recommend a brand of ketchup for automatic restocking.

6. Mobile video advertising is predicted to reach $13.3b by 2020

The popularity of mobile videos is on the rise in today’s fast-paced life, with increasingly more people preferring to watch video content on-the-go, ie. on their commutes. So it’s safe to assume that mobile devices will become the primary driver of ad growth in the following years.

In fact, mobile is predicted to drive as much as 72% of the growth in online video ad spending. Citing a study conducted by Forrester Research, Mobile Marketer says that mobile’s share in the online video market was 50% in 2018 and it forecasts that this share will increase to 59% by 2023.

Consumers prefer video ads to banners on their mobile screens, with smartphone users 1.4 times more likely to watch a video ad than users on PCs and TVs. According to the forecast, in-app video ads will take over the market as mobile web video ads face challenges like ad blocking and limitations on cross-site tracking.

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