16 Must-Follow Resources for Mobile Marketers

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Mobile marketing is a tough, competitive space. One day you are on top of the world, the next you wake up to losing millions because someone else has done something better than you. This is why you need all the help you can get to stay ahead of your competition. Be it information, insights, partnerships, or even marketing platforms, there are plenty of websites to address your mobile marketing needs, but where to begin? Fret not, we are here for you. Today we will go through our list of 16 must-follow resources and blogs for every mobile marketer.


With an entire blog section devoted to marketing, GameAnalytics focuses on mobile games. The company’s blog is a great source of information on all things related to mobile game monetization and you can also find the latest industry reports on the website.


An A/B testing platform for app store pages, SplitMetrics also manages a blog divided into sections by topics. One of them is App Marketing and here you can find information, data, and tips for a more successful mobile marketing strategy.


A website devoted to mobile ad tech, Applift has a large collection of infographics and eBooks, in addition to a blog with plenty of information, statistics, and tips on mobile marketing. The company also holds webinars on various topics in the mobile space.


An ad-revenue measurement company assisting mobile app publishers to get data-driven marketing decisions to their apps and games, SOOMLA not only has the most advanced and accurate Ad LTV measurement platform in the industry but also a blog covering a range of topics from mobile marketing to user acquisition.



A global provider of mobile market data, AppAnnie organizes webinars and other educational events, as well as providing information on its website. Tap into the AppAnnie Academy to learn about app monetization lesson-by-lesson or check out their blog for specific information, tips, and interviews with the industry professionals.


MobileAds is a platform for creating HTML5 ads, as well as managing serving and measuring interactive ads for mobile and desktop. In order to bring the process closer to the wider public, they have also established a blog with a wide array of interesting topics such as programmatic advertising, Video Ad Serving Templates (VAST), and Demand-Side Platform (DSP).

Mobile Marketing Watch (MMW)

A subdivision of mobileStorm, MMW employs an army of independent writers to bring you all the news in the mobile industry. Special attention is given to mobile marketing. If you do not want to go the website, MMW has a newsletter you can sign up for and receive all the articles in your email inbox.

Marketing Land

Marketing Land is a mammoth digital publication and one of the best sources of information across numerous topics in the digital marketing industry. The company also organizes industry events like conferences, expos, and webinars, and you can sign up for a newsletter for easier access to their articles.

Mobile Marketer

Bringing you the latest news in the mobile marketing sphere, Mobile Marketer is truly one of the most comprehensive sources in the industry. Check out their top 5 stories, browse across different topics, subscribe to a newsletter, or even submit your own tip. Mobile Marketer also has an opinion section by industry leaders, as well as a library of research results, insights, webinars, and whitepapers.

Search Engine Watch (SEW)

SEW is a digital publication that provides news and tips about search engine marketing, which is something all mobile marketers can benefit from. To be more precise, the website focuses on helping business and app owners improve their visibility in search engines. The mobile section brings an assortment of research articles, statistics, trends, guides, reviews, and more.

TechCrunch Mobile

TechCrunch’s mobile section brings valuable insights into topics any mobile marketers should read. Learn about all the upcoming mobile technologies and keep in touch with the trends so you can optimize your mobile marketing strategies.

Reddit (Mobile Marketing)

Reddit is already well-known as a haven of information, opinions, infographics, and links on various matters, and mobile marketing is one of them. In addition to gaining important knowledge on relevant topics, one can even make use of Reddit’s social outreach possibilities to spread the word about their app.

Google News (Mobile Marketing)

Incorporating the latest information on almost everything, scrolling Google News is a part of many people’s day-to-day routine. So head over to Google News’ Mobile Marketing section and read the newest articles assembled from a variety of sources, from Forbes and BusinessWire to MarketingLand and Mobile Marketer.


Not only is Localytics one the best-known mobile analytics and marketing platforms, but it also has one of the best insight sections among similar websites. Their blog has volumes of information and tips about web design, search marketing, as well as content and email marketing for mobile devices.


Apptamin specializes in supplying brands, startups, and game studios with mobile video ads and app store videos. The company also wanted a place to discuss and share resources about mobile apps promotions, which is why they created a blog. Here you can get tips, good practices, experiences, etc. all for the purpose of learning more about app promotion.


Under the motto “Marketing.Technology.Management.”, MarTech has created an ecosystem for anyone involved with digital marketing. Providing research data, industry developments, and lessons on smartphone and tablet marketing technology products and services, MarTech’s mission is to help you create better marketing strategies and optimize campaigns.

Learn and Earn

Reading and learning about the best mobile marketing practices and staying informed about the industry developments can be both fun and rewarding as it can help you increase your revenue. However, these websites are not only good educational sources but some of them also offer promotional services. Other platforms can be potential cross-promotional partners. Cross-promotion is a great marketing strategy as it helps you increase the user base for both you and your marketing partner. We hope this post helped you expand the list of websites to learn and possibly even earn from.

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