16 Must-Follow Resources for the Mobile Gaming Industry

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Keeping up with the trends in technology is a must in today’s highly technological world. This is true for mobile gaming as well. If you are in the mobile gaming industry yourself or just want to stay on top of things in this business, plenty of blogs out there can keep you informed and teach you new things. Moreover, some of these websites have mobile games reviews, an opportunity for everyone who has developed a mobile game and wants to get the word out. Some are better than others, so in this post, we bring you a list of 16 best blogs in the mobile gaming industry, in no particular order.


One of the best-known gaming websites in the world has an entire section dedicated to iPhone, iPad, and Android games. Originally the flagship website of IGN Entertainment, IGN features basic info, news, reviews, videos, even cheats – anything any mobile game enthusiast might need. As expected from such a network, IGN is distributed on desktops, mobile platforms, console programs on the Xbox and PlayStation, Roku, FireTV, as well as via YouTube, Snapchat, Hulu, and Twitch.


Focused on Apple’s iPhone gaming, TouchArcade is one of the largest collections of iPhone gaming reviews and news articles. They are accompanied by forums and a podcast, as well as hardware product reviews.


Beside offering essential insights into the world of mobile apps, often assembled into reports, SOOMLA’s blog also provides valuable resources for gaming app developers, as well as mobile analytics and monetization technologies insights, tips and industry benchmarks.


Droid Gamers

As you may notice in its name, the Droid Gamers website caters to Android gamers exclusively. If you’re one of them, you’ll find that this blog stands out with its original features such as listing the top rated games, coupled with game reviews rich with tech information, news, hardware insights, tournaments, and so forth.

Pocket Gamer

Not only does Pocket Gamer provide the latest mobile gaming industry news, reviews, discussions, opinions, and analyses, but it also delivers information concerning hardware, events, and job offers. It is also well-known for handing out Pocket Gamer Awards each year. The website also has a weekly podcast featuring the biggest developments in the world of iOS and Android gaming.

Pocket Tactics

A magazine mostly about strategy games, Pocket Tactics offers great review coverage on mobile games, along with hosting yearly Pocket Tactics Reader’s Choice Game of the Year Award.


On top of being an enormous source of information on mobile games, Appolicious is also a great platform for Android and iOS gaming app promotion. This neatly looking website is pretty straightforward and games are organized into categories so you won’t become lost.


Apart from having one of the best gaming community blogs out there, Gummicube is also one of the greatest resources for ASO, App Store Spotlight, and mobile analytics. The website also offers helpful tips on all things mobile.


Along with reviews, news, and interviews, GameZebo also boasts with walkthroughs, strategy guides, cheats, playing tips, and previews of mobile games (among others). If you need to promote your game, GameZebo can help you out with their range of promotion options.


A rich source of gaming app reviews and industry news, Gamasutra is also one of the go-to websites for mobile game developers, with an entire section devoted solely to developers. It owes its good reputation to regular delivery of insights into programming, design, art, production, etc. involved in creating mobile games. The website is divided into categories, so it’s easy to get around it.

Jay Is Games

Providing the latest game reviews and walkthroughs for a range of platforms, Jay Is Games also comes with a download section. Each game in that section has a tiny icon showing how most users rated it. Furthermore, the website has a forum and organizes regular game design competitions with cash prizes and relevant gifts. Back in 2010, the contributors at Jay Is Games were commended by the Wired magazine for their game-finding abilities, saying “this group blog finds the cream of the crop for casual players.”


Stylized as SKOAR!, this Indian gaming community website has sections for multiple platforms, scoring games on the basis of gameplay, visual appeal, sound, and general impression. All the reviews are accompanied by genuine gameplay screenshots, allowing us a glimpse into sometimes not even yet released games. In addition to an extensive mobile gaming app coverage, SKOAR! also organizes gaming expos in India.

Game Informer

A magazine featuring video game news articles and reviews, Game Informer does exactly what its name implies – providing important information on newest releases on various platforms, mobile included. Its website also features top games lists, as well as previews, videos, podcasts, contests, and more.

Reddit (Android Gaming, iOS Gaming, and Mobile Gaming subreddits)

One of the most popular online communities, Reddit is a place hosting countless subreddits for just about everyone’s interests. A social news aggregation, web content rating, and a discussion website, Reddit has three main subreddits for mobile gaming enthusiasts: Android Gaming, iOS Gaming, and Mobile Gaming, although we’re certain you’ll find more of the subreddits directly or indirectly devoted to mobile games. This valuable source of information (and gossip) is certain to occupy you for hours at a time, sharing links, text posts, and images, viewing other people’s posts, as well as voting them up or down.


This attractively designed website is a treasure trove for gamers and game developers, with plenty of attention devoted to mobile games as well. Polygon offers reviews, news, podcasts, videos, recommendations, teasers, and so much more, all complemented with a comment section. The possibility of updating reviews is what separates them from other similar websites.


Another one of the gaming giants, Kotaku has multiple categories including reviews, podcasts, videos, even a section for cosplay fans and enthusiasts, which is not something many other gaming websites have. On top that, the Snacktaku section is for those who get the munchies while playing video games.

Knowledge Is Power

And there you have it. These websites are well suited for those seeking general information on various mobile games, as well as recommendations and tips for choosing the next game to play. Besides, they are incredibly valuable resources for mobile game developers as most of them also offer promotion services, technical information, and/or tools for assisting you in mobile game development, optimization, and/or management.

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