New kid on the blog

Hi there!
Great meeting all of you.

I am very happy to share that I’ve just joined SOOMLA as the new Head of Marketing, this is after many years of working in the Fin-Tech industry.
In this short introductory post I’ll try to delve into what made me decide to go on this new adventure and into the fascinating yet complex universe of Data-driven App Monetization Solutions. 

Too legit to quit

So yes, I quit my previous job without having a plan B.
Irresponsible? Perhaps.

We live one life (so they say) and I truly believe that we should do our best to enjoy the time we have living it. A huge part of life is the time spent at work, which doesn’t mean you can’t look for the fun factor.
So I decided to embark on a journey and search for that rare role which is a combination of an interesting product that brings real added value to the client, good people, and significant marketing ownership for me.
As someone who spent years focused on performance marketing, I felt that SOOMLA was just that golden nugget I have been looking for. The reason for that being that performance marketing is constantly about optimizing campaign results based on granular data. And SOOMLA offers exactly that clear granular data, only not to the advertisers, but to the publishers.


Power to the publisher!

Ever since I got my working station it was obvious to me that I need to understand the publisher’s perspective of the business bits and bites of in app advertising. To learn the pain points and see if in fact SOOMLA can offer them a real solution.
All I can say is that God is in the details, my dear friends, and the details are being delivered – and I am saying this as the new guy who is trying to be super objective.

In a nutshell, SOOMLA recognized the blind spots that publishers couldn’t see within their app monetization efforts and now shines the light on missed opportunities – hiding in the data with the potential for huge improvement ratios.
Meaning, you can conveniently know which advertiser is bringing you profits and who is causing you loss. That’s HUGE!

  • Finally learn your accurate ad LTV
  • Get complete control on your bidding distribution strategy
  • Monitor who is really advertising on your app and detect those advertisers causing your users to churn so you can avoid them
  • Detect the users that are generating the majority of your net revenue and get the tools to target similar audiences

Let’s get personal

As part of my newbie learning process here, I have been listening to some conversations the customer success team have been having with our clients. While it is advised you go through the dashboard on your own to slice and dice for the data which interests you most, it was fantastic to find that the team here is super professional and personally helps you in detecting the best opportunities for you to tackle.

Now, I know you must be thinking “Oh great. The marketing guy is speaking positively about the service he is supposed to market – nothing shocking there”.  

I guess it would be difficult to argue with that. Except, we have real-life case studies that show exactly how SOOMLA’s data can make a real difference in your app monetization. 

In my first posts here I will continue to try and show how I am experiencing things here in my new role in this high paced industry. I think perhaps the next post will go deeper into what cool things marketers can do with the data SOOMLA provides. 

Thanks for spending the time reading this post. 

See you around. 

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