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Last week we sponsored and attended the Casual Connect Europe conference that was held in London, UK.
To those of you who have never attended this event, CC brings together game developers, publishers, media networks, industry solution providers and many others for a 3 day event packed with back-to-back lectures, panels and off site mingling parties.
I have been to roadshows in the past and I honestly didn’t quite know what to expect from this one, as it was the first time for me to attend this event or any other event in this industry, for that matter.

The young and the zestful

The SOOMLA booth was located in close proximity to the Indie Prize London 2019 finalists area. So when setting up our booth, these zestful independent game developers were in actuality my 1st encounter with the industry.
Playing games is truly an international language and a global human consensus, it was truly amazing to see how during 3 straight days these (mostly) young creative entrepreneurs lay out their life’s work, that is solely intended in providing people around the world with the joyful experience, excitement and sometimes just the ability to pass the time through their daily grind and transport. It was truly remarkable to see all that talent and energy in one place, hoping that perhaps, someone with deep pockets can give wings to their dream.


Bits and Bytes

One thing that blew my mind was the in-depth granular attention that the developers pay when working on a game.
It makes perfect sense once you go over the trends and understand that the number of mobile gamers around the world is expected to reach 2.7 billion by 2021. That is approximately 35% of today’s human population.

Let that fact sink in!

The resources, skill, research and methodologies that go into every single pixel and bit of code are beyond anything I could have imagined before this event. One lecture in particular by Diana Korkina, Business Development Manager at MyTona really made me realise just how much effort goes into it.

In addition, besides for “Hyper-Casual” being the obvious buzzword, it seems that one hot topic was the effects of the Chinese market and manpower on the entire industry.
If we put aside the United States vs. China trade feud, it seems that this industry is on the verge of a huge evolution where the Eastern game industry and genres influence West and vice versa.
I was lucky enough to attend a mini off site summit by Mintegral, JoyPac and Ubisoft which had a panel that discussed exactly that.

Case Studies

I was particularly pleased to see an impressive turnout to SOOMLA’s CEO, Yaniv Nizan’s display about 3 client case studies from Ad Funded Games. 

Be sure to click here to see the entire presentation.
One of the main points that we can take from that presentation is that we are seeing In-Ap Ad revenue growing rapidly and it will continue to grow. So be sure to board that train!

Here is the actual deck used in the presentation:

In any event…

To me, on a personal perspective, this Casual Connect was an important stepping stone of my path into the world of in-app ad analytics. Mostly because I got the chance to get acquainted with this amazing and vibrant industry first hand after only 3 weeks on the job. 

I met super interesting and friendly people who I hope to meet again. 

Take care until next time. 



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