Is there a Steve Jobs of Monetization Industry?

Nowadays, mobile monetization is considered one of the most lucrative fields of industry. It owes its profitability to the invention of the smartphone and a sharp increase in its use. Moreover, app publishers are competing against each other in trying to create the best possible product that will be used by millions (if not billions) of people.

Everyone wants to have an immensely popular app like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and the like. However, sometimes it’s a sink-or-swim situation and you need all the help you can get just to stay afloat, let alone reach the top.


Eric Seufert, the mobile monetization guru

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This is where the industry professionals step in – the experienced, talented, and knowledgeable people, who are not only good at what they do but are also passionate about their work and want to share that passion and their expertise with the rest of the world.

One such person is the mobile media strategist Eric Seufert. We like to think of him as Steve Jobs of the monetization industry due to his significant contribution in this sphere, which we will discuss in more detail.

But first, let’s get the basics out of the way. Originally from Texas, Eric Seufert received his undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Texas in Austin and an MA in Economics from University College London (UCL), where he was an Erasmus Mundus scholar.

His main area of interest revolves around mobile games, with a portfolio sporting some of the well-known names in the industry. Immediately out of graduate school, Seufert started working as a metrics analyst at Skype. Since then, he has listed many other engagements, such as the business intelligence team lead at Digital Chocolate, the head of marketing and UA at Grey Area, the head of marketing at Wooga, as well as the VP of UA marketing and network engagement at Rovio, the publisher of the famous Angry Birds.

At Rovio, he managed all aspects of mobile user base growth and UA, as well as the company’s internal cross-promotion advertising network. His most notable projects included launching Angry Birds 2 and leading mobile marketing efforts for the Angry Birds movie. Through the acquisition of Agamemnon, the mobile UA analytics platform he created, he joined N3TWORK INC, where he led the development of a publishing and advertising platform.

Thanks to his work there, media spend grew to $50 million in 2018 on a single mobile title. Seufert is also the owner of Heracles Media, the performance marketing technology and strategy consulting firm. His insights and advice are regularly published by giants like PocketGames, Forbes, Gamasutra, VentureBeat, and GameAnalytics.

Freemium Economics, the F2P monetization Bible

On top of all that, Seufer wrote the book Freemium Economics: Leveraging Analytics and User Segmentation to Drive Revenue, which is considered as one of the most important works in the mobile monetization industry, with lessons and findings applicable not only on freemium mobile games but on apps in general that rely on this increasingly preferrable monetization strategy.

Freemium Economics offers detailed instructions on analyzing the information generated by a freemium product through all stages of its development and usage, for the purpose of increasing retention and revenue.

To see just how big of an impact this book has made, one only needs to look at the reviews. One reader has described it as “a book that perfectly encapsulates the ethos of our time. A book so remarkable, so sublime, so vivid and significantly poignant, that we have only but to stop, pause, and revel in the beauty of its’ [sic] creation” and “truly a seminal work by the author, one that, with radical zeal, distills down the principles and precepts necessary to survive in the byzantine [sic] and treacherous Mobile Gaming landscape.

The picturesque review closes with the statement that everyone involved in mobile gaming, UA, or start-ups involved in mobile have to read this book.

Other readers have called it:

  • “a field manual for anyone in the F2P mobile game business”,
  • “The MOST in depth [sic] dig into the analysis of CRUCIAL freemium metrics,
  • “A thoughtful and well-written guide to freemium products,” and a
  • “Great injection of knowledge.”

Another important industry player, Michail Katkoff, has described the book as covering “every aspect of freemium software design and development, from the core concepts of “freemium economics” to marketing” and “a must read for anyone developing freemium products”.

This 230-page instructional masterpiece provides tools and knowledge needed for successful optimization of the monetization strategies of your freemium app, covering important topics like Commerce at $0 Price Point, Freemium Case Studies (Candy Crush, Skype, Spotify), User Segmentation, Cohorts, and A/B Testing, Paid and Alternative UA, Search Engine Optimization, and more, all accompanied by illustrations, charts, and tables.

Pictured: One of the figures from Freemium Economics, showing an extended decision tree model compensating for user churn.

Crème de la crème

Although Seufert clearly stands out for his contribution to the mobile monetization industry, he isn’t alone in the company of such worthy individuals. For instance, Michail Katkoff is one of those people. He is Seufert’s former colleague at Rovio, where he works as the Head of Studio. Katkoff is the founder of Deconstructor of Fun, “a blog, a podcast, and a consulting company” specializing in F2P games. The website is an important resource for anyone trying to succeed with this business model. Among other positions, he has also worked as the Executive Producer at Zynga.

And he’s hardly the only one. Let us just mention some other inspiring folks in this business, like Chartboost’s Maria Alegre and Pollen VC founder Martin Macmillan, both known for their valuable contributions to the app monetization business in terms of promotion and funding, respectively.

One of the most important figures in the mobile monetization industry, Seufert has plenty of lessons to offer, not just in his printed work, but also in the blogs and social media where he regularly provides his thoughts and insights.

One of the most important figures in the mobile monetization industry, Seufert has plenty of lessons to offer, not just in his printed work, but also in the blogs and social media where he regularly provides his thoughts and insights.

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