Become an Expert on Ad by Watching These 5 Videos

Becoming an expert in any field is difficult. It requires a lot of time, effort, and desire to learn. This is especially true for the field we’re most interested in – ad-supported app monetization. This term refers to all the strategies and methods involved in the process of securing a steady income from your app.

One of the ways to become an expert on this matter is through learning from those who have already achieved that goal. Luckily for us, they often appear on workshops, seminars, and other events and allow their speeches and lessons to be filmed. In this post we bring you some of the best videos to get you started on the path to ad expertise.
Come to think of it, these videos will not make you an experts, experience is greatly required as well, but these videos are a great first step:


1. Mobile Ad Monetization for Games | Christian Calderon

This 23-minute video lecture by Christian Calderon, Ketchapp’s chief revenue officer, was delivered at Casual Connect USA in 2016. Calderon is also an advisor at Dots, and partner in Herakles. Although it’s been three years since then, his lessons are still very applicable today.

In this lecture, delivered from the developer and publisher perspective, we learn about what’s happening on the market, the important terminology you should know such as CPM, CTR, retention, ad LTV, fill rate, impression, etc.

Calderon also discusses the ad monetization landscape (advertisers, demand partners, ad technology, games, analytics, players) and all the qualities your potential monetization partner needs to have (good SDK, server-side integration, game engine support, flexibility, etc.).

In addition to this, he talks about the best business development strategies and product features that could improve your revenue.

2. App Monetization: A Clever Way to Incorporate Mobile App Ads

This video is rather short – only 11 minutes. But sometimes less is more and this lecture proves it. In a concise and brief manner, the author of the video –  Steve P. Young, the founder and CEO of AppMasters, an app marketing agency focused on app growth hacking, explains an ingenious way to use advertising in your mobile app to earn more money. 

Through real-life examples, Young demonstrates a simple, clever, clean, and user-friendly way to incorporate ads into whatever app you may have. The examples are Duolingo and Merged!.

One of the ad types in question is interstitial – advertising a promotion, or similar in a free app is something people don’t mind. You can also place a link for switching to an ad-free, premium version, accompanied by an easy and clean way out from the ad (x-button, close-link). 

The second example is offering a rewarded video to get something in return (like a refill of your health in the app, extra lives, in-game currency, etc.). In Young’s opinion, the rewarded video performs best after the completion of some goal in the app.

3. Terms to Know: Ads | Monetization Strategies | App Monetization | Udacity

Another, even shorter video than the previous one explains five of the most important metrics and acronyms when it comes to ad monetization – CPC, CPM, eCPM, CPI, and CTR in a simple and understandable way. Knowing the definitions for each of these terms is extremely important for measuring the success of using ads in your app.

The video comes from Udacity, a company that makes online courses dedicated to various fields – programming, data science, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, and more.

This specific video is part of the free app monetization course build by Udacity in partnership with Google Developer Relations. The program mixes theory and practice to show students how to turn ideas into market-ready products.

4. The Gain & Pain of Ad Monetization – Publisher Stories | Panel

This video requires that you allocate a bit more time to it, but it’s worth it. In this video, recorded at Casual Connect USA 2018, five publishers share and discuss their experiences and knowledge in the field of ad monetization. 

The panelists include Ayala Rudoy, the director of strategic customers at SafeDK (moderator), Dave Yonamine, the chairman at MobilityWare, Jarkko Rajamaki, the VP of advertising at Rovio, John Boog-Scott, the COO at PeopleFun, as well as Karim Farghaly, the director of business development at Bandai Namco.

By hearing the panelists’ personal experiences, you can learn about best practices and their advantages, as well as the main risks and problems that accompany ad-based monetization in apps.

5. AWS Developer Workshop: Exploring Ad-based Monetization Opportunities for Web and Mobile Apps

Finally, we reach Dennis Hills, a mobile developer advocate at Amazon and solutions architect at Yubico. In his speech at AWS Developer Workshop in November 2018, Hills compares freemium and premium app models, discusses different methods of monetizing free apps, provides an overview of ad-driven monetization and offers his insights into additional ways to earn even more income from your app.

In a fun and simple way, the audience is introduced to the advantages and disadvantages of various app monetization models. For instance, freemium allows more downloads, multiple monetization strategies, while implying lower user expectations and positive reviews in App Stores as the users don’t expect a free app to be perfect. On the other side, this model entails no guarantee of revenue, ads can frustrate users, and revenue depends on a high level of engagement.


…And that’s not all

If you thought these were the only videos we had for you, you’d be very wrong. The icing on the cake is SOOMLA’s own CEO Yaniv Nizan, who gave a speech at this year’s Casual Connect Europe 2019. In his lecture, Nizan talks about 3 Useful Case Studies from Hyper-Casual Games and Ad-Funded Apps.

Videos provide an excellent opportunity to learn from knowledgeable people for free. In the app monetization industry, there are plenty of such people willing to share their expertise and help you get on the right path. We hope you’ve found these videos helpful as much as we have.

In addition to teaching the audience about the case studies from companies pioneering ad LTV measurement, Nizan also discusses several major issues with the current “naive” method used in measuring LTV, offering his own two cents on how to reveal the real value of a user and make data-driven marketing decisions that could increase revenue.

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