The Next Generation of SOOMLA SDKs

We know how hard it is for marketing teams to get new SDKs into development processes in their company’s R&D teams. The effort it takes to integrate, test and deal with production errors makes every R&D manager reluctant to even hear about another another “great” SDK that can make the company a lot of $$$.

SOOMLA’s product heavily relies on its SDK. Our SDK is very smart as it knows how to collect information critical to our algorithms. As we realize our customers’ pain in getting new SDKs into R&D sprints, we always think how we can improve the performance and ease of use of our SDK.

Android v4.10.0

Last week we released a new version of SOOMLA SDK for Android. We call it v4.10.0 and it’s the first time the integration with SOOMLA does not include integrating with many different ad networks connectors. Now you can just take one SDK package, import it into your app and you’re done!

The way this new SDK works is that it fetches remote files according to the different ad networks SDKs that you have integrated in your project. These remote files contain instructions to the main SOOMLA SDK how it should interact with those specific ad networks events and callbacks.

When SOOMLA wants to fix a bug, change its support of any 3rd party SDK or add new support for features we can just update the files on our servers and let the SOOMLA SDK pick them up. This allows your R&D teams to integrate with only one SDK quickly and easily and it allows SOOMLA to fix issues for you when they happen.

If you have any questions about this new SDK from SOOMLA. Feel free to send me an email or contact your account manager.

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