10 Things People Hate About Ads

Placing ads in an app is one of the go-to strategies for developers and publishers to monetize a free product. This is because people now accept the fact that a free app still has to have some way of generating income.

However, not many app users are fond of this strategy as it can easily fall prey to some of the common mistakes. Today we’re going to discuss some of these ad-related problems that make people turn away from your app, give you bad reviews, or just not click on an ad.

1. There are too many of them

One of the most common complaints people have about ads is their number. Getting just the right amount in your app so it isn’t annoying yet still earns you profit can be tricky. You don’t want your users to become overwhelmed and look for an ‘x’ button every five minutes. Ultimately, they will become sick of it and uninstall your app.

Q2 2019 Ad Network Comparison

So here’s an idea – why not have an ad pop up at some transition points in the app, like getting a high score or achieving a daily goal? Or having a banner ad only on the start screen? Maybe a static interstitial when exiting the app? There are plenty of options, just don’t use them all at once.

2. They are too personal

Have you ever thought ads are so personalized to the point where they are becoming creepy? A lot of people have. According to a study, 79% of users feel like they’re being tracked by retargeted ads.

Just put yourself in their shoes. You don’t want a store clerk in a physical shop to follow you around offering an item just because you glanced on it once while passing by. It’s just weird and obnoxious.

3. There is no diversity

Another issue that can potentially increase your churn rate is the lack of ad diversity. No one wants to see the same ad being forced upon them 15 times a day.

On top of that, not everyone will like every ad type you serve them. We understand it can be hard to juggle ads and users but you should nevertheless try adjusting the ad experience to various users by analyzing and segmenting them into groups.

4. They take too long to load or even crash the app

Now, this can be the real profit killer. Ads that take too long to load negatively affect your ad revenue because only full loading counts as an impression. Furthermore, the ads that crash the app can ruin the entire user experience and force your users to just delete the app and move on to greener pastures.

Finding out which ads are doing this to you is not easy, so don’t hesitate to deploy a good monetization measurement tool to help you out.

5. They play forever / ‘x’ button is hard to find

Sometimes a video ad can continue on and on and on and on, leaving users fed up with it and looking for that magical ‘x’ button to shut it down. But the button is nowhere to be found! Understandably, this leads to a lot of frustration and the user will be less inclined to continue using an app that does this to them.

Therefore special attention should be devoted to this issue. Make sure the videos aren’t too long. The ideal length is about 30 seconds as it has been observed that this length has an 88.3% completion rate.

Additionally, you can look for an ad network that allows users to control the video ads with options like play, pause, mute, or close. And see to it that the ‘x’ button is visible enough!

Q2 2019 Ad Network Comparison

6. They don’t look professional

This is another thing worth analyzing, as 63% of people interviewed in the above-mentioned study said that most ads they saw online didn’t look polished or professional.

If your users feel like the ads are intrusive or incoherent, it sends a clear message about your overall approach. Ads should give out the impression like some serious thought was put into designing and creating them.

7. They interfere with app’s usefulness

Some ads can interfere with the app’s usefulness, so caution is advised when implementing some ad types. For example, poorly placed banners can attract accidental clicks, while an improperly timed interstitial can hamper the use of a ride-hailing app.

8. They pop up at inappropriate times

Speaking of poor timing, imagine sitting on a bus or at the doctor’s office when suddenly a loud video ad pops up and just won’t stop. This could lead to embarrassing situations for your users and is certainly something you want to give a serious thought.


9. They’re irrelevant or misleading

Sometimes advertisers mislead consumers by luring them in with content that seems relevant to them which it then turns out is not. And this is not even a rare occasion.

As a matter of fact, 15% of people said they had been tricked into opening an ad. This is one of those counter-productive practices that are more than likely to just frustrate your target audience.

10. They’re inappropriate or feature offensive content

Although this problem isn’t exclusive to ads in mobile apps, it is certainly one of the least addressed in the whole ad industry (mobile included). Excessive sexual material and gratuitous shots of female characters in video games mislead the viewer and take the attention away from the actual product being advertised.

Furthermore, shockingly violent content, for instance, ads showing a gagged and bound person and offering the viewer a choice to torture, kill, or seduce them (???), is highly problematic and is bound to put off many people.

Acknowledging mistakes is a step toward excellence

We all make mistakes sometimes. It just proves we’re human. This translates to the ad industry as well. However, a serious problem can arise when we neglect to work on fixing them and learning from them. We hope this article has managed to show you why ads can sometimes be a nuisance to consumers and why the general impression is that people hate them.

Hopefully, this will put you on the right track and help you implement quality ads without any issues. If you need more help with implementing ads in your app monetization strategies, SOOMLA is there for you, with reading materials.

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