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Everyone in any business needs help sometimes, and this is especially true in the mobile app industry. What best way to learn about everything app-related than experts who already have plenty of knowledge in the field? They can give you information about development, optimization, monetization, and more, or at least steer you in the right direction. Today we bring you 15 Twitter accounts we believe you’ll find useful if mobile apps are your area of interest:

1. Eric Seufert |@eric_seufert

Eric Seufert has a lot of experience in the mobile monetization industry and has already published an award-winning book called Freemium Economics which focuses on monetization of free apps. He is one of the most active mobile industry experts on Twitter, constantly sharing his own insights on MobileDevMemo, as well as retweeting important and relevant information authored by others.

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2. Mobile App Trends |@MobileAppTrends

Run by Glen Gilmore, a lawyer, independent social media and digital marketing consultant, and tech influencer, MobileAppTrends’ Twitter page is an excellent source of information on mobile statistics, new technologies, awards, as well as general news and trends relevant to the mobile app industry.

3. Build a 3. Andy Sum |@JigxorAndy

Andy Sum, the owner of this Twitter page is a young game developer who has quite a few achievements stacked so far. He was declared one of the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in the Games category in 2016 and is also known as the co-creator of the smash hit mobile arcade game Crossy Road, downloaded more than 200 million times. In addition to sharing important developments from the mobile world, Andy also posts bits of wisdom and discussion topics for his followers.

Q2 2019 Ad Network Comparison

4. Maria Alegre |@marialegre

To those with some experience in this industry, Maria Alegre’s name might ring a bell as the CEO and co-founder of Chartboost, an in-app monetization and programmatic advertising platform. For those recently beginning their career in the mobile app business, Alegre’s Twitter page might be a good way to start researching on the topic. Not only does she share developments in the mobile industry, but also provides her perspective as one of the rare female CEOs in this traditionally male-dominated territory. 

5. Martin Macmillan |@martinmacmillan

As the owner of Pollen VC, Martin Macmillan is responsible for helping mobile app and game developers self-finance their product and giving them faster access to revenues they’ve already earned from the app stores or ad networks. His Twitter page is filled with insights treating the financial and marketing side of mobile app development.

6. Michail Katkoff |@m_katkoff

Game developer, an alumnus of Supercell, Zynga, and FunPlus, and blogger at Deconstructor of Fun, Michail Katkoff has plenty of expertise and personal opinions to share with his Twitter followers. He tweets his own insightful words published at DoF, as well as resharing excellent pieces of information by other writers.


7. SOOMLA |@Soomla

Ahh yes. These guys rock. And yes, I am completely not objective when promoting the company I work for. However, not only is SOOMLA the market leader in mobile monetization measurement, but we’re also dedicated to providing publishers with valuable information about the best possible practices in the business. We do so by publishing our own industry reports (like this one or this one), infographics, and analyses, as well as sharing our colleagues’ insights.

8. Nick Butcher |@crafty

Nick is a design and developer advocate at Google, helping people “design and build lovely Android apps.” He is very active on Twitter, offering advice on Android design and UI development to anyone interested. Obviously, his Twitter profile is for the more experienced folks in these waters, but that doesn’t mean that beginners won’t get any useful information for themselves, such as announcements of important events like UX London.

9. NativeScript |@NativeScript

NativeScript is an open-source framework for building native mobile apps with Angular, Vue.js, TypeScript, or JavaScript. It also has an accompanying Twitter page where you can find relevant event announcements, information about the platform, as well as how-tos for various topics like building microapps and newsfeeds.

10. Cyril Mottier |@cyrilmottier

Cyril is a mobile product designer and an internationally recognized Android development expert, currently in charge of product engineering at Zenly. His broad interest and knowledge of various technologies are evident on his Twitter page, where you can read his announcements and comments about current events, useful industry advice, as well as retweets by people looking for developers to hire.

11. Reto Meier |@retomeier

Google’s product manager and developer advocate, Android developer and software engineer, and author of Wrox’s Professional Android series, Reto Meier is one of the most versatile people in the industry. He regularly updates his audience about important events (like Google I/O 2019), his own educational workshops and focus groups, as well as industry developments.

12. Gummicube |@Gummicube

Gummicube is an App Store Optimization and mobile marketing platform that has a plentiful blog section accompanied by a Twitter page where we are notified about their newest articles that include a variety of helpful topics. The company often organizes events and you can find out about them if you follow Gummicube on Twitter.

13. AppAdvice |@AppAdvice

AppAdvice is an informative website about all things iOS, and following their Twitter account is the best way to get notified when a new article is released. Especially useful are the notifications about the company’s podcast releases and posts, and you can also find information about premium-gone-fremium apps and the newest apps available on iOS devices.

14. Thomasbcn |@Thomasbcn

Thomas Petit’s Twitter page is filled with great mobile marketing tips and relevant news from the industry. This expert with rich experience in areas such as mobile growth strategy, ad channels management, organic and paid channels tactics, ASO, and more, diligently runs his Twitter page updating us on all the important developments in the mobile sphere, such as ASO conferences, app store stats, etc.

15. Chet Haase |@chethaase

Last, but not least important, is Chet Haase, a tech expert involved in Android Developer Relations at Google. His tweets include humorous commentaries on the usual issues in the app development, announcements of his lectures and speeches, interesting podcasts and videos, and so on.

Twitter makes learning fun

Finding the best Twitter accounts to follow in this particular area isn’t always easy and it’s sometimes difficult to decide where to even begin your search. We hope this list made that task at least a little bit easier and maybe even entertained you. Some of these folks sure made us LOL.

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