Major mobile ad networks compared

Which are the top mobile ad networks? Which network has the lowest user churn rate? Which advertiser’s ads are more likely to appear on these networks?

I am excited to invite you to download the latest report written by our team: The “Mobile Ad Network Comparison” report for Q2 2019.

The data found in this 61-page report is based completely on information collected through the SOOMLA platform from over 9 billion impressions provided by 16 ad networks and more than 72,500 advertisers over the span of 3 months (Apr 2019 – Jun 2019).

Q2 2019 Ad Network Comparison

Who should download this report?

App monetization managers, UA managers and business development managers will all benefit from the data in this report. But not only – ad networks, monetization partners, mediation companies, UA agencies, vendors and consultants: these should be able to benefit from the report’s insights.

Publishers can gain value from understanding the insights of the ecosystem in which they work. If these publishers realize what information has been out of their sight until now, they will now be able to comprehend how such unbiased information (filtered to a granularity of their own needs) can assist them to optimize their actions.
Ad Networks will be able to get benchmarks of competitors and thus improve their offering accordingly if they choose to do so.

Considering the fact that mobile gaming is the leading category for in-app ads, I’d also advise anyone in the game development sphere to take a few minutes and go over the in-app advertising insights this report has to offer.

What’s in the report?

The Mobile Ad Network Comparison report provides an in-depth comparison of Ad Networks by different parameters and finally reveals many insights about the mobile industry.
In the report you will find:

  • Churn Vs. Revenue – Finding the sweet spot
  • Geo drill down
  • Top Advertisers
  • Top 7 Networks
  • Head to head network comparison by:
    – eCPM
    Churn rate
    – Churn yield
    – Ad type
    – Top advertisers

The findings presented in this report are unique and not commonly accessible. However, it is important to state that the report is based on aggregated data and should not be used for granular optimization but rather as gathering industry benchmarks.
These metrics can change for each impression, country etc.

Q2 2019 Ad Network Comparison

Key takeaways

  • Finding the “sweet spot” between revenue and churn is not always easy. Looking at churn yield data can help reach decisions for better optimization.
  • The top 7 ad networks are all competitive vendors, but according to the parameters we analyzed, the Facebook Audience Network seems to be the network with the best value for publishers.
  • The top advertisers are responsible for almost 16% of all interstitial and rewarded video impressions.

To get the report directly to your mailbox, simply click here.

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