What to look for when choosing a monetization vendor

The mobile app monetization industry offers opportunities for everyone, which is why many choose it as their career path. Being involved in the app publishing business, you’re probably aware of the challenges when choosing the right monetization partner. There are so many of them, where to begin the search? Worry not, today we bring you some of the most important things to consider before definitely deciding upon the best vendor.

1. Experience

Previous results are among the things most valued in any business, as they prove one has the capabilities and experience to get around specific tasks. When deciding on which vendor to use, we suggest asking them to provide references, ie. evidence of previous customer satisfaction. There also might be reviews of the company around the Internet, so do some research to see how it stands.

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Another good pointer is the time passed since the company’s establishment. A longer existence on the market means a more reliable track record developing its solutions and keeping up with the advancements in mobile technologies.

2. Quality

Experience means little if it isn’t accompanied by superior quality. It is important that your monetization partner provides tracking of metrics like CTR, revenue, fill rate, CPM per view, and more.

It has to be capable of fixing all its bugs, segmenting and filtering the key data, as well as offering a user-friendly interface with strong data visualization. Quality also means flexibility and customization options, analytics, as well as unique features based on your goals and the needs of your target audience.

3. Accuracy

Accurate tracking of conversions across multiple devices and cohorts is a major consideration in mobile app monetization and separates the wheat from the chaff. Both publishers and advertisers want to have access to accurate and clear campaign results to optimize and determine ROI.

Here’s an example. SOOMLA’s platform ensures a more accurate advertiser value by measuring opportunity vs. actual impressions filled. On top of that, we are not associated with any ad provider and remain unbiased to ensure the most accurate and validated monetization measurement. Moreover, we constantly run tests and use advanced tools to avoid any possible errors.

4. Integration

A vendor’s integration capabilities are essential for providing a complete experience as they affect an app’s performance. For example, you don’t want to overwhelm your users with loading unnecessary bytes of data, especially if they’re on data plans and not on WiFi.

If SDK integration is involved, you might want to look at vendors with lightweight SDK which will not negatively impact the users’ experience by diminishing the app’s performance speed and taking up too much storage space on the device.

SOOMLA has recently released a new v4.10.0 version of its SDK for Android which allows you to take just one SDK package, import it into your app, and you’re done.

5. Support

Solid customer support is a prerequisite for a good service. No self-respecting vendor would ever allow themselves to leave their clients on their own if they encounter any problems or simply need help understanding the product.

This is particularly true if the product wasn’t cheap, to begin with. Therefore a good monetization partner should happily assist with any issues related to the use of their solutions.

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6. Innovation

Innovative solutions give you the upper hand in any industry and having them at your disposal, courtesy of your monetization vendor, is bound to give you a huge boost. Innovation in one’s work shows the company is future-oriented and is keeping up with the ever-changing nature of technology. This is especially important in the mobile app monetization industry as the deployment of technological advancements means better analytics, optimized monetization strategies, and ultimately, more income.

For instance, SOOMLA prides itself on being one of the first platforms to implement support whenever there are any changes in the industry and the only monetization measurement platform that can detect the so-called ad whales, the small portion of users responsible for most of your ad revenue.

7. Ad types supported

We have already discussed the most popular mobile ad formats. Your selected monetization partner should not only support all these currently used ad types but also stay on top of things at all times. This means carefully observing the industry trends and supporting all the new ad formats that might join the monetization stage.

The more ad categories supported, the better the outcome, ie. increased user engagement and more income.


8. Cost-effectiveness

In an eternal fight between cost and quality, the middle road is sometimes difficult to find. Developing a good platform isn’t easy and high-quality solutions can cost quite a lot. Before finalizing a deal with a vendor, we suggest carefully reading through the contract.

Are there any hidden charges or additional fees? More importantly, how capable the chosen vendor is in helping you generate the most profit possible? This is good information to have when planning your budget.

9. Global coverage

You want to have users from all across the globe or at least as many countries as possible. To this end, opt for a vendor that has data center endpoints in regions close to your target audience. This will speed up the ad delivery, especially for the most profitable ad types, such as rewarded videos and playable ads.

10. Transparency

Ask for evidence of quality. The transparency of vendors’ answers and the ability to provide you with this evidence will give you a clear picture of how much you can trust them and if you should work with them. Your prospective monetization partner should be ready to share the details of its operations, development process, metrics, and data.

Pros and cons

We hope this post has helped you begin your search. Once you start, we suggest creating pros and cons lists for each of the vendors, or a sheet with all the vendors and qualities we mentioned here. This will make it easier for you to see the general picture. Good luck!

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