Ad LTV Benchmarks report is out!

Yes, the cat is out of the bag. We have released the Ad LTV Benchmarks report for Q2 2019.

This report provides an in-depth analysis which unveils mobile Ad LTV data for Day 7 and Day 30 Broken down by: Traffic Sources, Device Models, Operating Systems and Countries.

About Ad LTV

Just so we are all aligned here, lifetime value (LTV) is the total average revenue generated by a user from the day he or she started using the service. In this case, the service refers to mobile apps.
Ad LTV is the total revenue generated from advertising by an average user during his or her existence as a user.

This report focuses on D7 Ad LTV (also known as D7 Ad ARPU) and unlike previous reports, it also compares D7 and D30 Ad LTV data. This is the total amount of revenue generated by the average user calculated from the day he or she installed the app and over the following 7 and 30 consecutive days.



The purpose of the Ad LTV report is to expose in app monetization specialists to the industry’s benchmarks so that their monetization strategy will become more accurate and based on complete unbiased data.

This study is based on aggregated data collected through the SOOMLA engine during Q2 of 2019.
The company analyzed the activity of users across the globe – over 80 million users viewed more than 9 billion in over 450 apps.

An interesting addition to previous reports: By showing D7 and D30 Ad LTV data, we were able to estimate the Ad LTV growth trajectory.

What’s in the report?

The report includes breakdown of Ad LTV by various dimensions:

  • By country
  • By traffic sources
  • Comparison of different device models
  • Operating system versions
  • Ad LTV growth trajectory

Key takeaways

  • Facebook, Aarki and Vungle generate highest Ad LTV.
  • Among Android manufacturers, Google Pixel generates highest Ad LTV for US users.
  • Relying on the D7 Ad LTV in monetization calculations is important, but as shown in this report, app publishers should pay great attention to the growth trajectory of the period following D7 where the lifetime value is bound to increase.
  • North America, for example has the highest Ad LTV among the countries analyzed. With that being said, Android users’ Ad LTV is higher in all countries(excluding Brazil and India)in comparison to the iOS users’ metrics.

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