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Here’s an interesting fact: according to Statista, the Google Play store had around 2.46 million available apps as of the second quarter or 2019, making it the single largest distribution channel for mobile apps in the world, followed by Apple’s App Store, with 1.96 million apps.

In all app stores, apps are divided into categories, like productivity, games, lifestyle, music, tools, etc. helping users to narrow down their search and get an overview of specific kinds of apps to discover those most appropriate for them. Statista says the most downloaded apps in the Google Play store in the first quarter of 2019 were education and business apps.

However, today we’re not going to focus on those apps. Instead, we’ll take a look at the most interesting categories Android users have at their disposal in the largest app store:

1. Lifestyle

One of the largest app categories, Lifestyle is dedicated to managing various parts of our lives. 

Here you’ll find several password-protected diary apps, such as My Dark Diary and Diary with lock for safekeeping all of your most private thoughts, as well as cool hobby assistants like Magnifier & Microscope – an excellent app for reading the fine print and superior zoom-in options, accompanied with an LED flashlight and camera features. 

Looking for ideas on something to do in your spare time? Then Learn Crafts and DIY Arts is a match for both you and your kids. This app allows you to explore millions of 5-minute craft ideas and express your creativity. 

To top it all off, there is the globally popular Google Home app, used for setting up, organizing, and controlling all of your Google Home and Chromecast devices, as well as hundreds of other connected Google Nest home products like TVs, thermostats, lights, and cameras. This app turns your phone into a remote for all of them.

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2. Parenting

Expecting, new and experienced parents will appreciate the Google Play’s Parenting section which has you covered from planning to have a baby to raising them. 

Parents-to-be will love all the apps that track pregnancy through stages, counting down to finally welcoming your bundle of joy into the family, such as Pregnancy + and Pregnancy Tracker + Countdown to Baby Due Date, both accompanied with beautiful images, ideas for baby names, and baby shopping checklists. 

BabyCam allows you to keep an eye on your infant using two (or more) phones or tablets – one to record the baby and the other one(s) to see the baby. This app even allows you to listen and talk to your baby, zoom in, take pictures and videos, and connect more devices to the system. 

Once your child is a bit more independent and starts going out without you, you’ll be able to keep track of them using the Find My Kids or Zoemob Family Locator apps, both of which make use of GPS to track your kid’s location on a map and a messenger to keep in touch with them. 

The Free Porn Filter/Blocker will keep them safe from unsavory and suspicious content they might become easily exposed to in the online world. 

3. Medical

The Medical category addresses all your health-related issues, from period and pregnancy, over pharmaceuticals and doctors, to weight loss. 

In this category, you’ll discover apps which help you check your symptoms, learn about conditions and treatments, contact doctors and find discounted medicines. Such apps include WebMD: Check Symptoms, Find Doctors, & Rx Savings, as well as informative apps for healthcare professionals and students such as the Medscape app and Anatomy Learning – 3D Online Anatomy Atlas

Ladies can access a wide selection of top-rated period and ovulation tracking apps, including Ladytimer Ovulation & Period Calendar, Flo, and many more.

4. Productivity

Apps that help you be more productive, focused and organized deserve special attention as a group. 

One of them is Habit Tracker, a multi-platform companion that allows you to keep track of all of your habits, day by day, helping you eliminate bad ones (like nail-biting and smoking) and focus on the positive ones (like reading, walking, hugging your loved ones, etc.). 

Another interesting app in this category is Forest: Stay focused, which uses gamification to help you overcome phone addiction and reduce procrastination. It increases motivation by rewarding your focused time with a digital tree. If you want to stay away from your phone, just plant a virtual seed. Every time you fail to resist the urge to check something on your phone, the plant that has grown withers. However, the success in resisting this temptation is rewarded by the seed gradually growing into a tree. 

To-do lists are especially important, and in this category, they are a-plenty – from TickTick and to Todoist and Wunderlist.

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5. Tools

Various useful and practical tools that previously were only available as separate gadgets are now available with a few taps on your phone. Need a compass? Here it is. A ruler? No worries. A noise meter? Absolutely. A geometric calculator?! Yup. You name it, Google Play store has it.

Heavy and cumbersome dictionaries have become obsolete thanks to the multi-language translator apps. For those of us who travel a lot, the latter ones are incredibly important and make communication with the locals so much easier. 

Similarly, unit converters have proved handy when you need a quick way to switch between metric and imperial, as well as inside the specific measuring systems. There are quite a few of those, but the best ones are Aevumsoft’s (definitely the most comprehensive, it includes even clothing sizes) and Digit Grove’s unit converters.

As the cherry on the top, I’ll throw in one for the mushroom enthusiasts – it’s called Mushroom Identify and it allows you to identify that mysterious mushroom just by taking a photo of it. It’s available in offline mode as well and allows you to save the place where you found it on a map.

Digging into the world of apps

Google Play store truly is an impressive collection of hundreds of thousands of awesome apps. Many of them will make your everyday life and work more interesting, better organized, or easier in numerous ways. Most of the developers that brought you these apps are monetizing them with the help of specialized platforms. They wouldn’t be this successful today if they didn’t have a good monetizing partner by their side.

So if you ever decide to become a part of this crowd, you’ll need not only a good idea but also a good monetization service. These are the two key ingredients for succeeding in the highly competitive landscape that is the mobile app market. We hope to find your app in this list one day.

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