Case Study – Churn metrics verification

Why would we release a case study which focuses on an ad delivery engine?

That’s a good question (thanks for asking)

To give a bit of a background, Ogury focuses on displaying premium brand ads rather than direct publisher competitors, and even though they didn’t appear our Ad Network Comparison report which was released in August, it truly interested us to see how their strategy effects the churn metrics, especially because many publishers’ monetization strategies are dominated by gaming ads.

To be honest, it makes sense that the churn rate would be low when the advertiser doesn’t intend to “shop for your users”, the question that interested us was – “how does such a strategy really effect user churn rate numbers?”

This is why we love diving into all aspects of app monetization. It has so many perspectives and parameters which need to be taken into consideration when making decisions, such as which type of advertisers to allow and which to block on an app.

In this case study, Ogury’s data ,which was collected by SOOMLA, was analysed by ad types (rewarded video & interstitials) and GEOs for Android users, and compared it to the average churn metrics of all other networks.

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