Tennis Clash vs Football Strike

The mobile game market is filled with thousands of great games promising hours and hours of endless entertainment, be it in solo-play or multiplayer challenges. The list of all the categories available in app stores is a long one but this abundance allows everyone to find something for themselves according to their various preferences. Sports fans especially will find themselves flooded with all sorts of high-quality games. Such games are Tennis Clash and Football Strike and in this post, I’ll compare and contrast them to see which is better. Let’s begin, shall we?


General information

Tennis Clash is a competitive sports-themed multiplayer mobile game developed by Wildlife Studios, released in October 2019 for iOS and Android devices. The game is free to play but includes in-app purchases. It emulates the real-life game through incorporating the original tennis rules and simulating the world’s famous tennis courts.

Tennis Clash trailer (YouTube)

Football Strike is another multiplayer sports simulation mobile game that is trying to bring the excitement of football (or soccer as it is called in the US) to our mobile devices. It was developed by Miniclip and launched in September 2017. It can be downloaded in the Play Store and Apple Store for free and includes in-game purchases.

Football Strike trailer (YouTube)


Tennis Clash is based on a 3-minute match principle and it doesn’t stray from the traditional tennis rules. The controls are intuitive and focused on simplicity – you only need to swipe to play. That said, it takes a lot of practice to truly master the controls and become an expert, as observed in many other sports mobile games.

Competitiveness of the game is highlighted by the real-time multiplayer tournaments, allowing you to test your skills against AI or other players (including your friends) and advance in the league rankings for your city, country, and ultimately, the world. 

That said, the in-app bidding model has its own challenges. For instance, app publishers usually have to integrate an SDK for every monetization partner they work with.

There are several levels to unlock – amateur, semi-pro, and pro, all the while collecting coins, gems, and trophies and equipping your player with the best available gear and techniques. As usual, all the stuff can be purchased with real money, with some of it available by watching rewarded videos.

Credit: Google Play

Football Strike also operates on the multiplayer principle and swiping mechanics.  It has three modes – free kicks, time-limited shooting race, and career, all equally exciting and with their own perks, catering to different player preferences. 

The swiping mechanics is present both when striking at the goal and moving your goalkeeper to prevent other players from scoring. This way you can try out different strike movements or try and anticipate your opponent’s.

Once you get past the first couple of tutorials, you can start playing against other players (including your friends) or for teams like FC Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, Liverpool FC, Real Madrid, and others, upgrading your skills, buying new equipment, and progressing toward football greatness. The path is difficult and challenging but with enough practice, it can be done.

Additional drama is added by the risk-and-reward system where you have to invest some of your hard-earned in-game coins to play against other users. This means that in the beginning, you have to play at lower levels and earn minuscule rewards.

Credit: Google Play

Graphics & audio

Amazing 3D next-generation graphics are Tennis Clash’s best quality, featuring fine details and textures and exceptionally natural-looking models. Add the dramatic, top-level audio content into the mix, and you get an awesome look and feel, not only throughout the gameplay but in the in-app store and across the overall interface. The interface itself is sleek and simple, and it is immediately obvious what to do where, be it join a match or upgrade your racket.

Football Strike is older than Tennis Clash but graphics are in no way inferior. All the visual and auditory elements come together perfectly to create a genuine atmosphere of a challenging sporting event. The visual effects, interface, characters, and playing environments are stunning and detailed, making Football Strike one of the best-looking mobile games I’ve ever encountered.

Special features

Tennis Clash allows you to create your own avatar and choose how your in-game characters will look like by picking out one of the offered models. You can also assemble your own team, hiring the best coach and fitness trainer, accompanied by workout and dieting regimes to achieve the best possible results. The game offers a bunch of “arenas” where you can play and includes locations like the US, France, Australia, Russia, Japan, and more.

The player in Football Strike can travel through different stadiums around the globe. Your characters (goalkeeper or striker depending on the mode) in the game can be fully customized, from gender and hairstyle to outfits and equipment. An extensive Career mode allows you to earn medals and show them off to your friends.


Recently, the Tennis Clash players have been reporting bugs, such as the one that affects the way players are matched in competitions against each other. Specifically, the beginners are sometimes faced (and outmatched) by way more experienced and better players, giving them no chance to win. Otherwise, players have expressed overall satisfaction over the game’s addictiveness.

Football Strike has lately been the target of rough reviews due to the glitches when opening the game. Also, some players have expressed anger over missing items they purchased.



Both Tennis Clash and Football Strike are suitable for various demographics and they transcend cultural differences as everyone is familiar with the concepts of tennis and football. The games are visually appealing and offer hours of fun for everyone, pushing you to become better, unlock new options, and beat the other players. 

Tennis Clash offers slightly more in terms of in-game features, while Football Strike is a bit more addictive thanks to different quick-playing modes. Controlling the movements is better in Football Strike, providing more precision than in Tennis Clash.

There is definitely room for improvement in both games. Tennis Clash has a problem with the unfair opponent matching system, but the makers of the game are working hard to address these complaints, releasing updates and fixes every now and then. Football Strike, on the other hand, has some technical issues like slow loading, game crashes, and (rarely) missing in-app purchases. Hopefully, the developers will solve this soon.

You can download Tennis Clash for iOS here and for Android here. Football Strike for iOS is available here and for Android here.

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