Thanksgiving – Thanking these apps for a good 2019

With the holiday of Thanksgiving at our doorstep, it’s time to look back and think about all the things we have been grateful for during the past year. Be it personal relationships, career success, various events, or technological advances, everyone has their own area of interest where positive developments mean a lot to them. Since our domain is the mobile industry, in this post I’ll focus on the mobile apps that marked 2019 and made it a very special year for everyone involved.

1. Brightmind

Brightmind is a free in-depth meditation app, although a lot of its guides require an annual subscription at $94.99 per year. This might seem costly but the app is worth every cent as it is one of the highest-rated meditation apps in the two major marketplaces. 

It owes its high score to its quality – not many apps can boast with over 200 guides on alleviating stress and anxiety, enhancing productivity, and helping you fall asleep, all designed by a team of world-class experts on meditation.
iOS | Android

2. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Launched in summer 2019, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the latest project of Niantic, the team that brought us the worldwide sensation Pokémon Go. And just like PG, this brilliant game is also set in the real world and uses augmented reality (AR) to put magic in the hands of players all over the (Muggle) world.

The game promises hours of fun as you seek out Traces of magic and Foundables (magical artifacts, creatures, people, even memories), cast spells, and work with witches and wizards all over the world to solve the mystery of The Calamity.
iOS | Android


3. Yolo

A Snapchat-centered Q&A app, Yolo brings social networking to a whole new level. It allows your friends to ask you whatever they want anonymously and you can post your answers to your Snapchat profile. Not only is it simple and fun, but it also has nice aesthetics, with new features and updates constantly being added. There’s also a reporting option for those not-so-nice messages you might receive.
iOS | Android

4. 1Weather

Seriously, the weather app developers seem to be racing against each other in who will launch a better product! One of them is 1Weather, a simple, beautifully packaged app that provides real-time updates for up to 12 locations at the same time. 

Not only does it inform you about the temperature (real and feels like), visibility, wind speed, humidity, UV index, barometric pressure, and the forecasted precipitation, it also keeps you posted about the current moon phases and dew points, as well as giving you access to graphs, maps, and weather facts and videos.
iOS | Android

5. Libby, by OverDrive

Looking for a good online library? You found it. If you have a local library card, Libby will give you access to thousands of ebooks and audiobooks that you can open right on your device or send to your Kindle, if you prefer. 

It allows you to sign in to multiple libraries, with one or more library cards, and search, sample and borrow books for offline reading or streaming. You can also assign tags to books, such as read, loved, hated, wishlist, schoolbook, beach-reading, and more.
iOS | Android


6. TikTok

Who can forget that cat’s moves to the catchy tune of Mr. Sandman? The video beloved by almost everyone was created with TikTok, the app that reminds a lot of the much-missed Vine. Specifically, the app allows you to express your creativity through short videos and become an Internet sensation, as well as gaining access to an endless amount of videos in a personalized video feed updated on the basis of what you watch, like, and share.
iOS | Android

7. Jumbo: Privacy + Security

A powerful new privacy assistant for both iOS and Android, Jumbo increases security and cleans up your social profiles from anything you might have unintentionally shared with the wrong people. 

Among many other things, it can check the dark web for any sensitive data breaches, delete voice recordings from Alexa, and allow you to browse LinkedIn in private mode. Plenty of more features have been announced.
iOS | Android

8. First Aid – IFRC

It’s simple, it’s free, and it can save a life. This is the motto and basic description of the official IFRC (International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies) First Aid app that provides instant access to all the information you need to handle the most common first aid emergencies. 

It has videos, step-by-step instructions, and interactive quizzes to make learning first aid easy and entertaining. All of the safety information is available in 40 languages and can be accessed at all times, even without a connection. On top of this, it is fully integrated with emergency numbers you can dial directly from the app at any time, even when traveling across borders.
iOS | Android

9. StoryZ Photo Motion

A unique photo editing app StoryZ offers two functionalities to make your images pop out. The “Ripple” mode allows you to add motion to a static image by drawing in the area and direction where you want the motion to happen. A good example would be making the water or smoke look like they are moving. 

The second is the “Motion” mode that lets you blend a video with a photo, resulting in an image that is partially static and partially in motion. This way you can create amazing cinemagraphs, double exposed gifs, and magical moving portraits.

Users can also participate in weekly challenges, save drafts, and add music to their visual creations. A premium subscription offers even more advanced features.
iOS | Android

10. Tattoodo – Your Next Tattoo

Fancy getting a tattoo, but you’re unsure about what kind? Tattoodo can help. It’s a search engine with millions of tattoo images you can filter based on motifs, artist, body placement ideas, or style. 

It goes even further than that – you can even follow artists, save images to boards, and share the images of your own tattoos. The app also allows you to contact professional local artists for any inquiries or just chat about tattoo designs and ideas.
iOS | Android


A lot to be thankful for

Although there’s still time for more apps to shine, these are some of the best we’ve noticed in 2019 so far. During this year, they provided us with all sorts of tools to pass the time and assist in various areas of our lives. The way things are looking right now, we have a lot to look forward to in the next year as well. Are you in the industry of developing and publishing mobile apps? Make sure to have a great tools to help you monetize your product. Wish you all a happy Thanksgiving!

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