The Most Underrated Companies to Follow in the Game Industry

The mobile games are a $68.5 billion mammoth, making up a large chunk of the global gaming market that is currently worth $152 billion. This highly desirable business environment has a lot of worthwhile players that are earning a large portion of this income, as well as some that haven’t yet managed to get the spotlight they deserve. This post is dedicated to the small-time developers and publishers that have given us some valuable games, with the potential to bring even more. So let’s begin with…


1. Hi-Rez Studios

Hi-Rez Studios is an independent developer that has been around since 2005 and was recognized as one of the Top 30 Video-Game Developers by Game Developer Magazine and Gamasutra in 2012. 

Starting with games for PCs and consoles, it began spreading its outreach into the mobile sphere in 2016 with Jetpack Fighter which has been featured by the Apple editors as a Best New Game. The company has been modest in pushing out new games, focusing on quality instead of quantity.

2. Butterscotch Shenanigans

Despite the “shenanigans” in the name, Butterscotch Shenanigans is a serious player in the mobile gaming market. It hasn’t yet reached massive popularity as a game developer but you may already know of (perhaps even played) its most popular product – Crashlands. This entertaining and deep adventure in a hostile alien world has shown that the company can produce outstanding works.

You can also try its earlier gems like Quadropus Rampage or Flop Rocket. This is another example of a company that rather focuses on having amazing and beautifully designed mobile games instead of launching dozens of products every year.

3. Colin Lane Games

Colin Lane is a guy who has started a one-man mobile game development team, focusing on simple games with huge appeal. He is a modest dude that enjoys making games rather than earning money off them.

His games revolve around simple mechanics and cute cartoony graphics that allow you to kill some time when sitting in public transport or waiting for your date. Colin’s best works include sports masterpieces like Wrassling, Touchdowners, Battle Golf, and Golfing Around.


4. Team Alto

Do Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey sound familiar? They should, even though their creator might not. The gorgeous-looking endless runner is different from anything I’ve ever seen and the members of Team Alto have repeatedly outdone themselves.

Not many mobile games can boast with such rich environments, changing weather, calming experience, and exciting pursuits, all stuffed into one perfect package. If you haven’t tried these snowboarding adventures yet, you definitely should. I promise you’ll fall in love with them.

5. Seemba

Although it’s different from other companies in this post, Seemba is absolutely worth mentioning in the positive light, catering to both players and developers and making headlines with its revolutionary plug&play solution. 

Specifically, Seemba is an esports-as-a-service system that allows any mobile device to become an esports platform, all thanks to its integrations with Unity 3D and the Unreal Engine. With esports becoming one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, we’re bound to hear more from this company in the years to come.

6. New Star Games

Speaking of sports, soccer games have been the specialty of New Star Games. Its New Star Soccer game swept the world off its feet in 2012 as one of the most addictive soccer games ever. 

It was taken to a whole new level with New Star Soccer Manager, removing the intimidating spreadsheets seen in Football Manager yet retaining all the addictive fun of running an entire soccer club.

7. Crescent Moon Games 

Another company worthy of our attention, Crescent Moon Games has a bunch of awesome games in app stores. These include Reed, Morphite, Whipseey, The Deer God, and, all considerably different in their themes, graphics, and mechanics, but with one important common quality – loads of fun.

Regardless of your preferences, Crescent Moon Games has something in store for everyone, offering hours of addictive gameplay on Android, iOS, PCs, and consoles, so it’s unquestionably worth following.

8. RocketCat Games

Although its team is very small, made up of only three people, RocketCat Games’ success and quality can hardly be described as small. The company’s primary platform of choice is iOS and it has been on the way to completely mastering the territory with titles like Punch Quest and Death Road to Canada. 

Its most successful game, Wayward Souls is a dungeon crawler with randomized levels and permanent death that will draw you right in, promising hours of replay value, even if you’re not a fan of the genre.

9. Perchang Games

Best known as the creator of the graphically abundant and vivid Warhammer Quest series, Perchang is an indie developer that is mainly oriented toward the RPG market. 

However, not all of its games belong to this genre. Its first game was titled like the company, Perchang, and it was a simple yet smart and addictive physics puzzler action that is still loved by many.

10. Bithell Games

The UK-based Bithell Games started out somewhat modestly with the classic lo-fi rectangle puzzle-platformer Thomas Was Alone. The game lacked in artistic appeal, but this doesn’t mean we should undermine its uniqueness and entertainment value.

The studio has since moved to a more advanced type of games such as the Subsurface Circular, a text-based 3D adventure game with robots, puzzles, and beautiful music.


Everyone needs help sometimes

And there you have it folks, 10 of the most underrated companies in the world of mobile gaming. We’ll probably hear more about them in the years to come but if they choose to stay in the shadows and do their own thing, we won’t blame them as they have already brought enough exciting games into the world.

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