Why did we forget about these apps?

Since its humble beginnings, the mobile app industry has advanced at an incredible rate. Today it seems like there’s an app for everything, from games, to organizers, to period trackers… you name it.

With so many apps available on a large scale, there are bound to be some casualties at risk of falling into oblivion, replaced by the new apps with more features and all the latest technology buzzwords.

The oldies are still alive and pushing it though, and in this post, we’ll try to remember why they were so good and shouldn’t be discarded just yet.


1. Angry Birds

The original edition of a game that turned into an insanely popular franchise, Angry Birds may have been replaced by its successors and spin-offs. After all, who wouldn’t appreciate all the advancements in virtual reality crammed into a mobile game?

But it often feels good to rediscover why we fell in love with these multi-colored birds. The original allows you to progress once again through the entire timeline and experience the beloved saga with all the explosions, building demolitions, chain reactions, and pig squishing, all available for free. 

2. Temple Run

The year 2011 gave us the never-ending 3D excitement in the form of Temple Run, a treasure-hunting adventure where navigate a maze of traps and demons to get out alive after obtaining an ancient relic.

Although it has lost popularity due to the launch of its sequel, Temple Run 2, as well as spin-offs like Temple Run: Brave and Temple Run: Treasure Hunters, the original is still the go-to game if you’re a perfectionist that likes to clear them all one by one. Plus, running away from half-monkey/half-dog demons never gets old.

3. Plants vs Zombies

The ever-popular tower defense Plants vs Zombies is a light-hearted game for everyone. Its PC version came out in 2009, migrating afterwards to mobile devices and consoles, and giving rise to a number of sequels and spin-offs. 

They have outperformed the original but the appeal of simple yet nice-looking graphics, as well as the mechanics of stacking plants, planning defense, and defeating bosses will always draw the player right back in.


4. Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump came out around a decade ago and immediately won over the hearts of players around the world. And why wouldn’t it? It’s simple, addictive, and you can pick it up right now and learn all you need to know from the first jump.

The characters in the game are based on Elise Gravel’s charming illustrations and are partially responsible for its massive success, making you feel like you’re doodling in your highschool notebook again. Although forgotten due to the saturation of the market with newer apps with advanced graphics, Doodle Jump can still be downloaded for almost every platform. 

5. Trivia Crack

While there are currently a bunch of trivia apps available in the stores, the one that started this craze has aged quite well – Trivia Crack. Modeled after popular quiz shows like Trivial Pursuit, the app allows you to test your knowledge and challenge your friends to see who’s the smartest.

First launched exclusively for Latin America, it was later translated into English and conquered the US market. Today, it’s available in 15+ languages. Although questions may be slightly outdated or perhaps even repetitive, Trivia Crack is still alive and kicking, with updates and additions still being rolled out every once in a while.

6. Wolfenstein 3D

A carbon copy of the 1992 PC World War II first-person shooter adventure, Wolfenstein 3D brings the fun to your mobile device. The graphics may not be much but it is one of the genre’s most beloved games that has survived the harsh test of time.

The Android version is called Wolfenstein 3D Touch and was released in 2009. Shooting up all the Nazis who cross your path is possible on iOS devices as well, where the game is known as Wolfenstein 3D Classic. The game will suck you in with the simplistic 3D rooms and corridors in the Castle Wolfenstein while you’re trying to defeat the evils of the Third Reich.


7. Weather by The Weather Channel

Moving away from the entertainment part of the mobile market, we reach apps handy in managing our everyday lives, like the irreplaceable Weather app by The Weather Channel. Probably the first weather app on the Android market, it’s still being updated to this day. 

The appearance of better options hasn’t diminished its popularity and user loyalty, which is why this app is still the go-to choice for many. There’s also, of course, smooth interface, extended forecast options (e.g. flu forecast), social reporting, and the Apple Watch integration.

8. Thesaurus

Regardless of whether you’re working as a writer or trying to impress people with your superb language skills, sometimes the right word just escapes you. Be it a synonym, antonym, related term, or a similar word, Thesaurus has got you covered. 

The secret to its popularity was in its simplicity and sleek design, much of which remains to this day. You can tap on any of the results to start a quick search for that term or remind yourself of your previous searches by looking at a history list.

9. Voice Recorder

Another simple app with over 5 million downloads to date is Mamoru Tokashiki’s Voice Recorder. It not only records your voice in high quality, but also allows you to record by widget, set recordings as ringtones, schedule a recording, and send data as an attached file via Gmail.

Other similar apps may offer advanced options like social sharing, transcription, categorization, and adding images, but Tokashiki’s Voice Recorder is still a worthy contender.

10. Calm

Launched back in 2012, Calm is a meditation and wellness app that has returned to glory with a bang. Specifically, in early 2019, it hit the app magazine headlines with an announcement of an $88 million Series B financing with a valuation of $1 billion.

It owes its new-found popularity not only to the recent mindfulness and wellness craze but also to the fact that it provides the most comprehensive guide to leading a stress-free, relaxed life. If you pay for a subscription, that is.


Besides these, there are countless old apps worth downloading again, including Arkanoid, Prince of Persia, Monopoly, and many more, but I’m afraid it would take me forever to give them proper recognition. Although often cast aside due to the changing of times, they still capture the attention of many due to nostalgia, brand loyalty, or simple curiosity of those that are too young to have tried them when they first came out.

If you have an app that has the potential to one day get to one of these “oldie but goodie” (or any other) lists, let us help you realize it. Soomla has all the technology and expertise to monetize your app and optimize your strategies for the best possible results. Feel free to give our demo a try.

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