Apps I wish someone would develop – My mobile Christmas list

As the year is nearing its end, it’s time to start wrapping Christmas gifts and think about the new beginnings and plans for the times to follow. Looking back at the past year in the mobile app business, we’ve witnessed innovative technologies making their break in the mobile world, as well as new and useful apps entering the market.

However, even though it seems like there are apps for virtually anything, some ideas still remain untapped and only wishful thinking by those who want them to be realized. On that note, here’s my Christmas list of apps I wish someone would (finally) develop.


1. A comprehensive app for the elderly

If you type in “app for elderly” in the Google search bar, you’ll get a ton of results. However, all these apps only cover a specific portion of the needs that our senior citizens have. You’ll see an app that helps monitor blood pressure, magnifying glass with light, pill-taking assistant, symptom checker, or medical facility locator. 

While all these apps are extremely helpful, it would be great to see one app that unifies them all, offering a comprehensive solution for medical, social, information, entertainment and other needs that older people might have. This app would need to be as intuitive and user-friendly as they get, since it would cover so many areas.
This perhaps cannot be found as an app but instead has a cool solution as a robot by Intuition Robotics.

2. Tinder for board games

Board games are one of the all-time favorite activities and a great solution for entertaining guests. But what if you don’t have enough people to play? Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone created a location-based app similar to Tinder, that would match players who want to play a specific board game and have them organize game nights themselves?

This would allow folks who want to try out a game before buying it to test it out in the ideal circumstances, and those who already have it to find players to join them. The app would include details like age, gender, picture of the setup, how many players are there, how many players are needed, what needs to be brought, meeting locations, etc. with the player-matching system.

3. Virtual study group app

The technology today has gone far enough to make the studying process as painless and fast as possible, with all sorts of cool apps. So far we have useful tools for collaborative study like resources, group discussions, flashcards, file sharing, mass messaging, and the like. 

But imagine how cool it would be if an app could bring together students studying a specific subject matter or exam and provide everything – free or paid study material, tools, discussions, guides, and all the other features in one place.

4. Scan-to-shop

What if you could scan or take a picture of an item you like and an app could find you the closest (and perhaps cheaper) substitute in online shops and allow you to buy it instantly? 

Think just how much time (and money) could be saved if you didn’t have to browse through online and physical stores trying to find that cool T-shirt you saw the other day. I’m pretty sure shopaholics all over the world would love it.


5. Event-sharing social media app

While event planning and sharing is already part of some social media platforms, I’m yet to see an app evolving solely around events that also isn’t about ticket selling, marketing, or presentation, or aimed exclusively at businesses.

It would be so cool if there was a solution that would allow you and your friends to organize get-togethers or nights out, all with an integrated option to find places (with maps, voice-enabled driving/walking instructions, calculating time to get there, etc.), or even suggest new plans on the basis of your previous events and your social group’s preferences.

6. Virtual restaurant table reservation

I know what you’re thinking: “there are already a bunch of table booking apps on the market, why make another one?” Well, that’s true, but why not take advantage of the new technologies and apply them in the seemingly banal field such as this one? 

Remember how many times you booked a table, only to realize when you get to your restaurant that your chosen table is right next to the toilet, or near the kitchen door, with waiting staff constantly hitting your chair with the revolving door? Here’s an idea – why not have the entire restaurant virtually available so the customer can look around and pick the table they want where they want

7. Personalized gift suggestions

This app would be especially useful during the gift-giving season like Christmas. How many times have you busted your head trying to think of a good gift idea for someone? You know this person well but you still have no idea what they might like or you’ve already used up all of your ideas on previous occasions. 

While there are already apps where people can create their own wish lists and share them with others, it would be nice to have an app that would simply analyze the gift recipient’s social media accounts and give ideas based on their interests, posts, appearance, etc. Of course, this would have to be a highly advanced artificial intelligence solution, but I don’t think it’s that far fetched.

8. Social networking app for single parents

I’m not talking about all the flirting and dating apps for lonely single parents overflowing the web these days. I’m talking about a totally different solution, an all-in-one app that would match single parents with similar interests and with children belonging to the same age group, a comfortable environment where they could share thoughts, ideas, parenting advice, tips, and more. 

Why not also throw an organization option into the mix, like for organizing birthday parties, playdates, training, hobbies for kids, hobbies for parents, get-togethers for parents, etc.?

Don’t wait, create!

And there you have it – a few ideas for all the aspiring developers out there who want to create something useful for the world but don’t know where to start. If you end up making one of these bright ideas into reality, be sure to have a great platform at your side to make your efforts worthwhile. As one of those platforms, Soomla has all the expertise and tools to turn your mobile app into a solid source of income. So don’t be afraid to reach out, we’d love to hear from you!

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