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We are staring a new series of posts that is partly free data and partly shameless promotion for our new Ad intelligence product. Each post in the series will feature a single advertiser that had something remarkable that drew our attention in last week’s data. It might be a new advertiser that made it to the Top 50 overnight, it might be some off the chart performance of his ads etc. Of course, all this data is available via our Ad intelligence product and we are able to collect it via our SDK technology.

Also, I’m writing again after a very long time. Missed all of you 🙂

Golden Clover

Golden clover logo

On the week of Dec 29th 2019, Golden Clover made a splash as a new entrant into the charts reaching rank 64 on the Android charts on his first week while having the 17th biggest budget increase week over week. When we are referring to the charts here we mean the ranking in terms of advertising budget spent over last week. This app still doesn’t show in the app store charts but you will hear about it a lot.


Behind the scenes of the App Stores

When you look for Golden Clover in standard app store intelligence tools it doesn’t show up right away. You have to dig down a very long list of apps before you get to it. The reason for that is that Golden Clover is part of a new type of apps. The apps that make money only from advertising but are not hyper casual. This means it will not show up in the top grossing charts that only show up in-app purchase based revenues. It will also not show up in the top downloaded charts as it is not one of these hyper casual apps that have been dominating the charts. But despite this app flying under the app store charts radar it is spending big on advertising and making a lot of money from in-app advertising.

How much is ‘big advertising spend’

We are not going to share the numbers with you but Golden Clover spent more on ads on the week of December 29th 2019 than some of the biggest names out there. For example, it surpassed Bubble Witch Saga by King and Wordscapes Search by Peoplefun.

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