AdIntel Insights: Hot Advertiser Alert – Mistplay

3 is a charm they say and this is indeed the 3rd time we are doing our new tradition, the hot advertiser of the week.


Mistplay is not a new app in the charts but has been increasing their ad spend in the last few weeks and this week made it to #4 in Budget increase and #10 in overall budget for US-Android.

You can see their budget trend climbing up and to the right here and see that they have been increasing their budget recently. In fact, only 3 apps have added more dollars to their ad budget last week.

Screenshot of the budget trend chart on the Ad Intel dashboard
Screenshot of the Mistplay budget trend chart on the Ad Intel dashboard

Ad focused apps ignored by app intel tools

You may have heard of Mistplay before. For me, it was a fresh discovery by Ad Intel dashboard. It’s an app that monetizes only with ads and in fact gives the users cash rewards when they play games. This app is available via Google Play and already collected over 5M installs and 75K ratings.

Mistplay page on google play reveals 75K ratings and over 5M downloads
Mistplay page on Google Play

However, despite their success and their increasing budget, Mistplay is being completely ignored by old App intelligence platforms. You can see that AppAnnie doesn’t include it in the top 200 overall chart for Google play nor in the top 200 chart for entertainment category.

Screenshot showing no matches for Mistplay on Appannie’s top charts

This is where Ad Intel is proving to be a unique and essential tool in any research project that is focused on the app ecosystem.

Budget goes to Matching games on Ironsource


If we want to understand more about how Mistplay spends their budget, we can further explore. We can see that in terms of Ad Networks, Ironsource gets most of the budget and also generates the highest IPMs. US gets most of the budget among the countries and the ads are targeted towards matching games such as Candy Crush or Toon Blast.

Comparing between competing apps

Mistplay is not alone in this genre. There are certainly other apps that reward users for playing casual games. Let’s compare between them. Here you can see that Lucky Cat had a big push in December but in January Mistplay takes the lead in it’s category.

Screenshot showing the budget spent by Mistplay and it's competition over time.
Screenshot showing the budget spent by Mistplay and it’s competition over time

We can also look at these competing apps and compare their performance KPIs to see which one converts better and which ones pay more for each install. While Lucky Cat spent the most, Mistplay is not far behind on that category and we can see that Mistplay’s CTR is almost twice as high as Lucky Cat while their CPI is also the highest in the category. Jump Ramp games who started this category is not leading any of the metrics.

Screenshot from Ad Intel dashboard comparing competing apps.
Screenshot from Ad Intel dashboard comparing competing apps

Another analysis that is worth looking at is the budget distribution of each of the apps across ad networks. While Mistplay spends big with Ironsource, Lucky Cat was distributing their ads using Unity Ads and one more network.

See the process in our latest video

Find trends and scope out the competition

To keep innovating and be in touch with the market you need a tool that specializes in ad focused apps. We created the Ad Intel dashboard to provide the best market intelligence about the hottest segment of the app ecosystem today. You can get a 7-day free trial.


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