Mobile Monetization Benchmarks Q3 2019 is out!

Finally, after a long wait, we have it: The Mobile Monetization Benchmarks report is ready!

Seeing that our previous Mobile Monetization Benchmarks reports emphasized the importance of focusing the monetization strategy on first impressions, we felt that this report should drill down and put a spotlight on additional metrics (which it does).

That is why this report also focuses, for the first time, its attention on price floors as well as some of the previous benchmarks we have analyzed in previous reports.

Data resources

The data presented in this report which was collected over the span of 3 months (July – September of 2019) was gathered by SOOMLA and made possible by it’s unique ability to trace-back ad revenue to a single impression alongside it’s ability to identify the advertiser on each impression. Together, these users viewed over 3.5 billion ad impressions displayed in over 470 apps to over 137 million users.

The app sample consists a higher ratio of games compared to the ratio of non-games in the app stores. However, we’ve seen the same patterns regardless of app category. The ad-formats analyzed through the study are: Interstitials, video interstitials and rewarded videos.


What’s in the report?

The report sections include:

  • eCPM per country
  • Monetization providers’ share of voice
  • Monetization providers’ impact per ad type and Geo
  • NEW – eCPM by number of monetization providers
  • NEW – Price floor benchmarks

Main findings

  • eCPM rates have decreased globally in Q3 2019 by more than 20% in comparison to Q2
  • There is a clear correlation between number of ad networks used to the eCPM amount.
  • Apps with twice as many waterfalls generate almost twice as much eCPM amount.
  • The majority of revenue is generated when placing 5-9 line items – especially when using Facebook, IronSource and Vungle.

To get the report directly to your mailbox, simply click here.

If you want to learn more about how SOOMLA can help your monetization efforts, schedule a demo below.


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