5 Hot Trends in Mobile Ad Creatives we Saw on AdIntel

This week we will take the platform in a slightly different direction. We will cover some of the hottest creative trends that we see in Ad creatives that are been used to promote apps. AdIntel allows us to see what creatives are performing and which ones are not. We can track the budget spent on each creative, how many clicks it generates, how many installs, CTR, IPM, etc. Our platform tracks over 1M creatives every week and in this article, we will show you what we found to be trending.

1 – Promising Money

These creatives are being used by multiple companies right now. The apps may or may be not paying money – we haven’t really checked. One thing is certain – the amounts being paid by these apps to users can’t be even close to the amounts of money shown in the ads. The ads themselves often show a PayPal account with the balance increasing as the user plays. In other ads, there are gangsta style cash blocks that you have seen only in movies. Here is one video like that but there are plenty more.

2 – Harder than you think + Playable

This type of creatives work well in playable ads. There is a seemingly simple challenge being shown on the screen with the writing “Harder than you think”. The ad will show a gameplay struggling to find the solution sometimes alongside an actor getting frustrated. This entices the user to solve the challenge himself and start playing the playable section of the ad.


3 – Sharpen your brain

Word games and other casual apps are usually promoted with ads that promise to sharpen your brain. Some claim you have to play 10 minutes a day, others say 15. I wonder if they say something like 12 minutes and 19 seconds it might just sound scientific enough to be the right answer there. Either way, the message seems to resonate with users as these ads are getting clicked on at very high rates.

4 – Hyper Casual ads (for non Hyper Casual games)

This art has been mastered by Playrix with their titles – Gardenscapes, Homescapes and Fishdom but they are not the only ones. The ads feature a gameplay that simply doesn’t exist in the game and yet they seem to be performing well for the companies who use them.

5 – Color everything

In contrast to #4 – here the ads do seem to be aligned with gameplay so this might be a trend in game design as well. Regardless, it seems that many ads that offer the opportunity to color something in the playable experience generate a massive amount of clicks for the companies who use them.

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