AdIntel Insights: Hot Advertiser Alert – Idle Makeover

So this week we are delivering the hot advertiser of the week with some delay. We have been working on some really cool features so that slowed us down a bit on the content side. This week we are featuring an advertiser that is not necessarily trending but it is unique and interesting to learn from.

Cover art

Idle Makeover

This is an Idle game where you get to do a makeover of a virtual character. It’s available via the play store here. What drew our attention is that it’s advertising in US with CPIs below $1 and still gets decent volume. For an Idle game – that’s very good.

Filtering for CPI values

One of the cool features we added in version 1.5 of AdIntel is the ability to filter by CPI. This is pretty cool since it’s another way to find advertisers others have overlooked and then learn from them.

Screenshot of Ad-Intel CPI filter slider allowing you to find low CPI apps
Screenshot of AdIntel CPI filter slider allowing you to find low CPI apps

Idle Makeover – Low CPI at a high volume

We looked for Idle games with low CPIs and then we looked for the games that also have decent volume. Idle Makeover met the criteria. It’s best US budget rank is 236 over the last 90 days and it’s 10th for Android Idle games in US.

Here are the CPIs for different countries

Screenshot from Ad Intel showing the average CPI in different countries for Idle Makover
Screenshot from AdIntel showing the average CPI in different countries for Idle Makeover

So you can use AdIntel not only to find unique apps that stand out but also drill down and study them.


Great creatives are the secret to low CPIs

By trying to understand how Idle Makeover is able to get volumes with below market CPIs we have to keep in mind that the publishers and ad networks optimize for CPMs. This means that even if your US CPI is $0.62 an IPM of about 20 translates to high CPMs for the publisher so you will win the traffic. Let’s see the IPMs of Idle Makeover in US:

Screenshot from AdIntel showing the high performance of Idle Makeover ad creatives

Now the next step is to look at the creatives. AdIntel platform discovered quite a few of these.

Screenshot from AdIntel showing the video ad creatives discovered by the platform

Since the first video commands most of the budget and has the highest CTR we can see whats inside. The ad shows highly engaging gameplay with a satisfying progression as the character becomes more attractive.

What publishers do Idle Makeover target

Another aspect of high IPMs is the ability to target. We can see that Idle Makover is able to target across multiple publisher genres including Narrative & Dressup games that doesn’t usually see ads from Idle games.

Screenshot of the targeting insights by AdIntel showing you what publishers are targeted

See the Platform in action

Get inspired by new apps every week

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