5 Hot Playable Ads and Interactive End Cards we saw on AdIntel

This week we are celebrating the addition of Playable ads to AdIntel so this week’s post will focus on the best interactive ads we have seen and their performance. As in previous posts, we are leveraging AdIntel platform to analyze the data from over 10B impressions and 7M validated revenue data points. We are using the platform to find the top creatives, hottest advertisers and most promising KPIs. This article is focused on Android-US, we may do an iOS one next week.

1 – Block Puzzle by Bitmango

This ad is ranked #4 in CTR and #48 in overall clicks generated in the last 90 days when looking at Android users in US. That was enough to draw our attention but when you open the interactive end card it’s hard to resist completing the sequence in this Tetris like experience and it’s even harder to stop. Don’t blame us for not telling you if your entire day becomes totally unproductive.

Click to Play (Sound On🔊)

2 – Angry Birds 2 by Rovio

Any playful experience featuring these red monsterish looking birds is hard to resist and the basic ballistic mechanics are the soft spot for many viewers. The ad performance is also quite strong and over the quarter Rovio was spending enough to put this ad in the #13 spot for overall budget in US-Android segment and #9 for overall clicks. When you start playing you will see why.

Click to Play (Sound On🔊)

3 – Swipe Brick Breaker by Neowiz

I’m personally not a fan of bubble shooters but this variation got me playing. This ad ranks #13 for CTR in the last 90 days and recently Neowiz started spending more aggressively against it. It’s ranked #17 in the last week’s budget ranks.

Click to Play (Sound On🔊)

4 – Idle Miner by Kolibri

This playable ad creative is also up and coming. It’s ranked #19 for overall budget in US-Android last week. When you start playing the ad it’s almost impossible to stop due to the strong sense of progression delivered within a few seconds. I might be a sucker for Idle games so give it a go and let me know if you were able to stop.

Click to Play (Sound On🔊)

5 – ArcheryGo by X-Games Tube

In this interactive ad experience, you get to shoot beer bottles with a bow. It’s a fun experience and was super engaging for me when I played it. The reason it’s listed though is the KPIs. This ad was ranked #12 for budget last week and #7 for overall clicks. Moreover, when looking at the last 90 days, it’s ranked #34 for CTR.

Click to Play (Sound On🔊)

See it in video

If you don’t like reading – here is the entire blog post in a video. Enjoy!

Don’t be shy

With AdIntel you can discover thousands of playable experiences on a weekly basis. It’s a powerful tool that combines creative discovery with performance KPIs in a single view. You can try it free with no credit card required for 7 days.


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