AdIntel Insights – Boombit, follow Archery Go!

This post is a simulation featuring Boombit, creators of Archery Club. As there are many other Archery games, Boombit can learn from their competition and turn the threat into an opportunity. We will focus on creatives and advertising strategies.

Archery Club

Multiplayer archery game with hybrid monetization. It’s one of few games receiving a marketing push from Boombit at the moment.

Archery games existed before Boombit got in but being a 2nd mover is not necessarily a bad thing. It means you can learn from others. In this post we will cover 2 other apps: Archery Go and Archery Elite and see what Boombit can learn from them.

Archery Go & Archery Elite

Archery go by x-games and Archery Elite by 707 interactive are both casual archery games. They relay heavily on paid marketing via various channels.

Boombit can diversify on channels

Seems like Vungle and Ironsource are being used by competitors while Boombit is 100% with Unityads. Boombit can benefit from trying out these channels as well.


Archery Go creatives

One interesting way to learn from the competition is to look at their ad creatives. The experience in the leading creative used by Archery go is a playable one. Starting with the video below and then the user can play the playable below it.

This sort of playable ads can be highly engaging and are worth trying out (SOUND ON 🔊)

Archery Elite Creatives

Archery Elite also uses playables but their best performing ad is actually a video.

It features a realistic deer hunting scenario. The see the full experience click here.

Country Analysis

Using AdIntel we can see what countries are being targeted by each advertiser.

It seems like both competitors are having better success in the US market. Boombit spends more of it’s budget internationally. It’s also interesting to see that Boombit is not targeting the Russian market while both it’s competitors are having success there.

Making the US market work

For Boombit to really have success in the Archery genre they need to make the US market work for them. This means that they need to be able to get traffic with CPIs that are competitive and comparable IPMs. We can use AdIntel to get CPI benchmarks.

With the right creatives like the ones we have seen above, Boombit can achieve competitive IPM levels like the ones reached by its competitors.

A side by side IPM comparison using AdIntel

See the process in our latest video:

Adapt or die

Change can be a good thing or a bad thing. It all depends on attitude and your willingness to change. When new capabilities and tools come to the market you can embrace them and beat your competition. This is what AdIntel is about. Discovering trends sooner, learning, adapting and winning. You can try it free with no credit card and no commitment.

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