AdIntel Insights – Peoplefun, follow Word Cookies!

This post is an advice to Peoplefun, creators of Wordscapes – we will be looking at one of their competitors and see what Peoplefun can learn from their creatives and advertising strategies. This is one of the top use cases among AdIntel Customers – gaining valuable insights on the competition and its creatives.


Probably the top word game out there. Peoplefun’s hit game has been crushing it with big ad budgets and, a hybrid monetization model and retention figures that make companies jealous.

While Peoplefun has done very well with Wordscapes, they are not alone in the genre. Many other companies are producing word games and the category seems more crowded than ever. One of these competitors is Bitmango with its game Word Cookies.

Word Cookies

This is a casual word game with very similar gameplay to the Wordscapes one. Users complete words in a crossword like a puzzle by finding all the possible combinations out of the letters in a circular shape.

Word Cookies has better IPM

There is no doubt that Wordscapes is a more successful title with more users. However, that does not mean Peoplefun cannot learn from their competition. Looking at the AdIntel platform reveals that Word Cookies creatives are outperforming Wordscapes ones in CTR.

Screenshot from AdIntel platform reveals which creatives are performing better


To learn more we should look at the creatives and note the differences.

Wordscapes creatives

Out of all the creatives detected by AdIntel for Wordscapes android, here is the one with the highest CTR. Link to full experience.

This video starts with a short promise that the game may make you smarter and then follows with gameplay footage. This is a pretty standard approach and the video has been in use for some time. However, the CTR is not so high so there might be some room for leaning on Peoplefun’s part.

Word Cookies creatives – better CTR

The ad performance KPIs for Word Cookies seem to be better and specifically the CTR. The one thing that stands out is the use of Interactive end cards (aka Playables) by Vungle. The ad starts with a short video that shows a hand solving the puzzle with pen and paper but is then switched to a playable experience. Here is the full experience.

Screenshot from the interactive endcard used by Word Cookies in their ads

If it works – no need to question it

While we could come up with theories about why one creative work better than another our recommendation is far simple. The best way to use AdIntel is as follows:

  • Search for keywords that define your category ( e.g. “word”)
  • Find creatives that have great KPIs
  • For videos – you can leverage concepts from these creatives in your own ads
  • For playables – it’s probably easier to contract the same vendor (in this case Vungle)

See the process in our latest video:

Competition can be a threat or opportunity

Some companies fear competition but with the right toolset, you can turn the competition into an opportunity to improve. AdIntel is the best tool in the market to learn how other companies are spending their ad budgets, what creatives are they using and the best thing is that you can try it with no strings attached. In 7 days you can be a lot smarter and not a dime shorter. Try it free now with no credit card or any fee for 7 days.

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