AdIntel Insights – Peak Games, follow Puppy Blast!

One of the ways our customers are leveraging AdIntel is to gain insight on their competitors creatives and potentially learn from them. This post is an advice for Peak Games focused on their app – Toon Blast

Toon Blast

This game needs no introduction. It has been dominating the app store charts and Ad Intel consistently shows it as one of the top 5 advertisers.

While Peak Games have been killing it with Toon Blast, there are many apps that tried to replicate the game play and compete with them. While this competition might be a threat to Peak, there is also an opportunity here. Let’s look at one of their new competitors.

Puppy Blast

This is a match-blasting game that looks a lot like Toon Blast and it’s predecessor Toy Blast. It’s made by a developer called Yunbu Game Studio that also developed the hit games: Sweet Candy Forest and Crazy Candy Bomb. You might recognize a pattern here.

Puppy Blast has better IPM

So while Peak are much bigger it doesn’t mean that they have nothing to learn. In fact, successful companies always try to learn and improve so they can stay ahead. What’s interesting about Puppy Blast is that their IPM is about double the one for Toon Blast. We are using the “compare” section in Ad Intel to determine that easily.

Screenshot from AdIntel showing the comparison between Toon Blast and Puppy Blast

To understand the difference in IPM we need to look at the creatives.

Toon Blast Creatives

Ad Intel was able to detect quite a few creatives for Toon Blast. Here is one of the main ones.

This is a pretty standard video of a gameplay and it has decent CTR. However, the IPM is not so high so it’s likely the CTR gets inflated by the ad network serving the ad.

Puppy Blast creatives – better KPIs

Looking at the ad performance KPIs for Puppy Blast, they are better than Toon Blast’s KPIs and so there is probably something Toon Blast can learn from their creatives. One thing that stands out is that the gameplay element is preceded by a short section of a bird jumping on some blocks that may resemble more casual gameplay.

Don’t overthink it – if it works it works

So our main takeaway for Peak Games would be this. There is no need to over analyze – the way to use AdIntel is simple:

  • Search for keywords that define your category (“blast”, “match”)
  • Find creatives that have great KPIs
  • Leverage concepts from these creatives in your own

See the process in our latest video:

Beat your competition to stay ahead

With the right competitive intelligence tool you can see the competition a mile away and leverage their methods instead of getting surprised. Ad Intel is a new tool by SOOMLA that lets you see exactly what the competition is doing. In 7 days you can be much smarter than you are today without spending a dime and with no strings attached. Try it free with no credit card.

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