5 Trends We Noticed Since Coronavirus Lockdown Started

This week we are doing something a bit different. We will focus on the benchmarking and COVID-19 sections of AdIntel and share with you about 5 new discoveries and learnings that we noticed since the lockdown started.

1 – Decline in CPIs since Lockdown hit the US 

One of the first things we noticed as the western countries all went into lockdown at the beginning of March is the decline of CPIs. This is correlated with reports from other sources such as AppAnnie about install volume going up.

Screenshot from AdIntel dashboard showing CPI trend in decline
Screenshot from AdIntel dashboard showing CPI trend in decline

2 – Facebook is the biggest loser

While CPM levels, in general, did not go down during March the lockdown did negatively affect the CPM levels provided by FAN. After a very long time of holding the top spot in this KPI, Facebook CPMs dropped by 25% and it is now in second place.

Snap from AdIntel platform showing the eCPM trend per ad network
Snap from AdIntel platform showing the eCPM trend per ad network

3 – Admob rules solitaire monetization

Not directly related to COVID-19. Just something we noticed once we launched this new section of AdIntel called CPM / Verticals. This section basically allows you to choose a vertical and then see who are the top monetization providers in terms of volume and CPM for that vertical. It seems like in Solitaire, the highest volume is provided by Admob with a high CPM of over $28. Unityads have the volumes but with much lower CPMs and it seems like Vungle provides a good combination of volume and CPMs as well.

New section in Ad Intel showing the best providers for Solitaire section
Screenshot from AdIntel – CPM / Verticals section

4 – Impression volume goes up during lockdown

As the corona imposed lockdown started in the US, we also saw an increase in impression volume. This trend seems to be continuing and levels are nearly 2x the levels they were in February.

Screenshot from AdIntel showing the trends of impression volume for both iOS and android platforms
AdIntel screenshot – impression volume

5 – Chartboost are a nice surprise in slots

While in general Chartboost are no longer a major player, when looking at the casino/slots vertical they seem to have high CPMs even though volumes are quite low.

Screenshot showing the best providers for casino/slot vertical - from AdIntel dashboard
Screenshot from AdIntel platform – Benchmarks tab – CPM / verticals section

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