AdIntel Insights: Hot Advertiser Alert – Coin+

After some posts with other themes, we are back to the “Hot Advertiser Alerts” series this week. We will focus on one advertiser instead of two and the hot advertiser this week is Coin+.

Coin +

In this app you can earn rewards by checking in daily, spinning the wheel, rolling the dice and playing a bit. The flip side is that you will watch a lot of ads in the process.

#1 in both Budget categories

What drew our attention to Coin+ is the fact that the app made it to the top spot in both the Budget Increase (#Bdgt Chg) ranks as well as the Overall Budget rank last week. This is very rare and shows how aggressive the company behind it is.

High Performance with Rewarded Videos

Right of the bat, we can see that Coin+ weapon of choice is Rewarded Videos. This creative type commands nearly 80% of the budget with high CTR values and over 15 installs for every 1,000 impressions (IPM) presented to the user.

Screenshot from ad intel - viewing all the important parameters about a selected advertiser
Screenshot from ad intel – viewing all the important parameters about a selected advertiser

Great creatives are the secret sauce

These days the biggest leverage app companies have to improve marketing performance is creatives. With more of the targeting decisions and bidding is carried out by algorithms an ad creative that performs 5% better than the competing ad creative gets promoted aggressively by the algorithms and sucks the inventory in the applicable genre in a matter of days. This is the reason why app and game studios are focusing more and more on producing ad creatives.

With AdIntel you can make this process 2x more effective by tracking your competitor’s ads all the time. Here is one of the leading video creatives by Coin+

We can also look at their playable ads and learn from them

What networks Coin+ is using

We can see that Coin+ is focusing mainly on networks to distribute their app and have a very limited number of channels which brings risks and dependency.

CPIs and country distribution

The last 2 pieces of the puzzle are the CPI values and country distribution. Coin+ is focusing mainly on the US market with over 99% of the budget going there. They are spending $2.64 on average for every install they are getting.

1 Video to rule them all

See our video showcasing the analysis of Coin+ with the AdIntel platform

Boost your creative production

You can stay ahead of the game and make your creative production 2x more effective by using AdIntel. We are so confidant you will fall in love with it that we are giving away 7-day free trial with no questions or credit card asked.


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