AdIntel Insights: Mobile DSPs and the Comeback of Playrix’s Oldest Title

This week we will focus on a game that leverages DSPs heavily in their advertising strategy. We will see some of the unique capabilities of AdIntel with regards to tracking programmatic budgets.

Before we get started, If you don’t know what is a DSP (Demand Side Platform), you can take a look at our Mobile Advertising Glossary here.


While Fishdom is not a new app it enjoys a recent revival that we will explore further. The app is made by Playrix and features a classic match-3 gameplay with an aquarium theme.

#5 in Budget and #1 in paid installs

When looking only at the advertisers who buy media via DSPs, Fishdom stands out and ranks high in both Budget and Paid Installs. When comparing its budget across all channels the rank is #26. The budget trend chart shows an increase of 2.5x in budget from January to April 2020.

Line chart over white background. January budget was low but since then it has been climbing for Fishdom
Screenshot from AdIntel dashboard showing budget trend chart for Fishdom

DSPs in use by Fishdom

We are using AdIntel to see what DSPs are being used by Fishdom. Furthermore, we can see what networks the DSPs are using for distribution. Surprisingly enough Unityads is a big channel for both Liftoff and Moloco. This could come as a surprise to Playrix who can probably place ads on Unityads directly.

Table showing DSPs used by Fishdom along side a pie chart showing Liftoff and Moloco.
Screenshot from AdIntel dashboard showing the DSPs used by Fishdom

This feature is unique to AdIntel. To see other unique features you can get a 7 day free trial with no credit card.


Creative Mix – Videos and Playables

Videos carry the budget but Playable ads command higher CTR for Fishdom. Specifically, the interstitial-Playable option seems to be generating a lot of clicks. The overall IPM for Fishdom is 5.88 as of last week. This is a pretty good number considering how long the game has been around.

A few charts representing the creative mix and IPM performance of Fishdom by playrix. Pie chart and bar chart.
Screenshot from AdIntel showing the creative mix used by Fishdom

Old Game + New Creatives = Revival

So as of 2019 no one gave Fishdom any thought and very few people thought it will be making a comeback. They were all wrong and the underlying magic behind it are the new creatives used by Playrix.

Here is the leading playable ad used by Fishdom –

And here is another one.

As you can probably guess, the AdIntel dashboard gives you access to hundreds of creatives used by each advertiser and millions in total. Studios are using it to double the effectiveness of their ad creative production.

Fishdom is also utilizing ad networks

We can also see what non DSP networks are used by Fishdom

Table with the Networks: Admob, Unityads, Vungle and others.
Screenshot from AdIntel dashboard showing the Network Breakdown of the game

Country distribution and CPI

Finally we can learn what countries are targeted by Fishdom and the CPI estimation for each one.

Countries table where US is the biggest and DE follows. The CPI for each country is also listed along side share of budget.
Screenshot from AdIntel dashboard – country distribution and CPI values

See it in video

See our video showcasing the analysis of Fishdom with the AdIntel platform

Boost your creative production

Your creative production can be 2x more effective if you use AdIntel. Sounds like a bold claim? Well it is, but don’t take our word for it. Give it a try without paying, without committing and without even talking to us.


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