5 Mobile Games Creatives with CTR over 50% and What is QCTR?

This week we introduced an exciting feature to AdIntel. We are calling it QCTR and we will tell you all about it in a second. This made us look more than closely on ads with very high CTR and so this post will highlight 5 of them.

1 – Dragon City by SocialPoint

An ad for this game is holding the top spot in the CTR ranks. When we look at the advertiser breakdown we can see the CTR per creative type.

AdIntel screenshot - creative type performance for Dragon city
Screenshot from AdIntel dashboard – CTR and QCTR by creative type

55.4% CTR on average for rewarded videos is a very high number but actually the ad that has the highest CTR among all ads is this playable ad

Playable ad screenshot - 2 dragons about to breed
click to Play

You might have noticed that this ad will automatically redirect you to the store if you don’t do anything for about 15 seconds or if you click on anything. Not surprisingly the CTR is close to 100%. This has very little to do with ad quality and serves as a good demonstration of how weak of a KPI is CTR.

This is why we created QCTR:

QCTR is the ratio of qualified clicks to impressions where qualified clicks are clicks in which the user didn’t regret the click right away and stayed in the click destination for longer than 5 seconds before coming back.

So when we look at the QCTR for this particular ad in AdIntel we can see that 37.4% of the users not only get to the App-Store page but actually stay there more than 5 seconds.

Playable ads breakdown for Dragon city. One of these ads has QCTR of 37.4%.
AdIntel screenshot – Playable ads, performance and budget share

2 – Perfect Ironing by Playgendary

CTR of 84.5% is not something you see with see every day. Perfect Ironing does it and even makes 33.9% stick and become qualified clicks.

Showing that Perfect Ironing by Playgendary has CTR of 84.5% and QCTR of 33.9%
Dashboard Screenshot from AdIntel platform- Creative type performance

The ad features a cloth on an ironing board and an iron that can iron it. It’s very tempting to click and try but there is no such interaction available through the ad. You can see it here

Ad screenshot for Perfect Ironing playable. The user is enticed to start ironing the pants.
Click to play

3 – Square Bird by Moonee

As you can see below, Square Bird commands 79% CTR.

Square bird CTR is 79% according to AdIntel. QCTR is a lot lower, however.
AdIntel screenshot – CTR by Creative Type

There are no huge tricks here. The gameplay is almost too hard to resist and with the amount of clicking going on as part of that you can rest assured that one click will trigger the redirect to the app store. The QCTR adds up to 24% for the Playable ads which is quite a big drop from the 79% CTR. This means more than 2/3 of the clicks are not sticking so maybe the users do feel in the wrong place once they clicked. To see the ad in action click here

Screenshot from Square Bird playable ad. Easy to understand gameplay with single type action.
Click to play

4 – Cut and Paint by MagicLab

The Rewarded-Playable ads for Cut and Paint have crazy CTR rates – over 77%. QCTR however is around 25% which means over 2/3 of the users regret immediately.

This image shows that Cut and Paint title has 77.1% CTR for it’s Rewarded-Playable ads.
Screenshot from AdIntel – Performance by creative types for the selected advertiser

Looking at the ad itself, one can see that it’s very enticing to start arting and crafting away. However, opening the ad in full screen mode reveals a hidden component where some of the clicks that are obvious attempts to engage in the playable experience are interpreted as clicks to open the app store. To see it for yourself – click here

Cut and Paint ads look very enticing. You can see a cute wooden bear about to get painted in blue.
Click to play

5 – Pokey Ball by VOODOO

78.5% of the impressions of Pokey Ball interstitial playable ads turn to clicks. That’s a scary number. The QCTR however is only 28.7% so many users bounce back.

Chart image showing a CTR of 78.5% for the app Pokey Ball when it’s using Interstitial-Playable ads to advertise.
CTR / QCTR by creative type chart snapshot

The ad features gameplay with a simple mechanic but there aren’t any apparent tricks. The only one we found was that after the 3rd try, an attempt to click again will redirect you to the app store.

Wood pole with coins lined up vertically and a red ball about to get flicked. The ad tells the user to “Hold and Flick”.
Click to play

Final thoughts

So these ads show 2 things:

  1. There are some very aggressive ads out there
  2. CTR becomes almost useless as a way to compare creatives

QCTR is an attempt to normalize the crazy CTR rates by looking at qualified clicks that didn’t bounce back. That said, when looking at some of these aggressive ad experiences, the QCTR is actually high for these as well.

Summary table presented in a dashboard view showing many ad creatives with their respective QCTRs and red squares highlighting high QCTR values.
Screenshot from the creatives’ section of AdIntel – showing QCTR in one of the columns

This means that many users don’t retaliate after being tricked into the app store and many of them stay in the app store for more than 5 seconds. We can also look at the IPM ratios of some of these games. These ads generate double digit IPMs and some of them even get to the 30+.

IPM of 29.28 since the beginning of 2020
AdIntel snap – Estimated IPM for the selected title

In other words, the users not only click, but also install the advertised apps in higher rates. From an advertiser perspective there seem to be no penalty for high CTR ads. On the publisher side, well, that’s a topic for another blog post I guess.

See it in video

If you don’t like reading – here is the entire blog post in a video. Enjoy!

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