5 Mobile Ad Creatives with IPM of 100+

Last week we introduced a new KPI to the creative tab in AdIntel – IPM. This feature was in high demand and we thought it can’t be done. Well, the impossible just happened with a lot of effort going into cleaning and normalizing the data. From version 2.13 of AdIntel the creatives with high enough volume now also have an IPM figure attached to them. We are celebrating that with a top 5 post highlighting the highest IPM possible.

One note – we excluded ads that promise money because, well, it seems unfair to include them and they are only applicable for a certain type of apps.

1 – Spiral Roll by VOODOO

This ad was made by Playable Factory, served by Vungle and promotes a game called Spiral Roll by VOODOO. The playable creative focuses on the Gameplay that looks super addictive and is able to get 119.1 installs for every 1,000 impressions while also registering a QCTR of over 31%. Nice job by the teams of Vunlge and VOODOO. To see the full experience click here. Or if you just want to see the playable you can use this link.

river with various objects floating in it forming a line and a wood carver about to hit them and create spiral rolls.
Click to Play (Sound on 🎧)

2 – Coffee Shop 3D by Playgendary

Some figures seem to good to be true so we had to double check. The IPM on this one is 107.5 and it has a QCTR of over 34%. If you open the ad you will understand that it tricks you into the store so the CTR there is close to 100%. In other words, out of 1,000 impressions of this ad almost all of them will send the user to the store, 341 of these will stay in the store longer than 5 seconds and 107 will end up in an install. The ad promotes an android game called Coffee Shop 3d and it served by Unityads.

Coffee cup with a writing "hold to start" and a finger enticing the user into clicking.
Click to Play (Sound on 🎧)

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3 – Will it Shred by BoomBit

This app gives you the opportunity to experience ASMR as you virtually shred various objects. The ad was made using Luna Labs technology and served by UnityAds. It reaches an IPM of 104.6 without tricking the user into clicking which gives me ASMR on it’s own. Here is a link to the full ad experience.

image of a shredder machine and a rubic's cube about to be thrown into it. This is a snap from the playable ad
Click to Play (Sound on 🎧)

4 – Paper.io 3d by VOODOO

Don’t you love a new take on a classic? VOODOO reinvented paper.io with this 3d version that also has an awesome playable end card following a video with slightly odd music. The ad is made and served by Vungle and regiseres an IPM of 112.8. The playable is super fun so you should definitely try it.

snapshot from an interactive ad showing an egg like abstract shape in offwhite color and a small colorful moving brick on it.
Click to Play (Sound on 🎧)

5 – Escape Masters by Playgendary

Last but not least. Escape masters by Playgendary gives you this unexplained satisfaction of clearing sand/earth with a simple drag of your finger. It’s almost impossible to resist. This ad is doing really well on both Android and iOS.

  • Android – IPM:107, QCTR:36%
  • iOS – IPM 141.3, QCTR:24.6%

It is served with both UnityAds and Vungle.

Here is a link to the full experience.

Image from a playable ad showing 3 characters trying to escape by digging into the earth to reach the car.
Click to Play (Sound on 🎧)

See it in video

If you don’t like reading – here is the entire blog post in a video. Enjoy!

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