AdIntel Insights: Hot Advertiser Alert – Word Crush

Here is a new post in our “Hot Advertiser Alert” series. After focusing mostly on Android in the last posts. This one sill be for iOS. Also, this is a great opportunity to introduce the new screen in AdIntel – “Home”. It takes you directly to the freshest insights in the simplest and shortest path.

Word Crush

This is a variation of the classic word search genre. The twist here is that the letter are cubes that explode when a word is completed and then other cube letters fall down.

#1 in Budget Increase Last Week

The new Home screen for AdIntel takes us directly to the insights and it’s easy to see what apps had the biggest budget increase. Last week it was Word Crush who left everyone else in the dust.

Drilling in other screens shows the obvious spike in ad budget.

Focusing Mainly on Videos

Drilling further into Word Crush advertising practices we can see that they are focusing mostly on Rewarded video and Interstitial video


Creative Concepts Used

Like many other word games, the video ads for Word Crush also promise to make you smarter. One ad promises IQ of 120 while another one claims that you will sharpen your brain. All ads we examined do move quickly into showing the actual gameplay. This includes the one playable ad that we found.

Here is a link to the full ad experience.

The playable ad below also features the actual gameplay.

Number of Creatives Used

One of the things we learned is that companies who produce a lot of creatives tend to have better chances of making it to the top charts. Word Crush is no different.

The chart above shows that it has the biggest number of active creative assets in use among similar word search apps. This is not a coincidence actually. Creatives have been moving gradually into the focus of marketing teams over the last 2 years as algorithms took over targeting and bidding functions. The companies that are able to produce winning creatives tend to suck the inventory from their competition.

Of course, using AdIntel is a sure way to increase the effectiveness of your studio’s creative production.

Networks of Choice

Using the compare screen we can also look at the choice of networks made by Word Crush and compare it with similar apps.

We can see that Word Crush is using mostly Unity and Admob while other word search apps are also spending with Vungle, Ironsource and one other channel.

Kick back and watch the video

If you are not a fan of reading you can see this use case in this video.

2x Creative Production means 10x Growth!

Creative production becomes more critical than ever and with AdIntel you can make your studio 2x more effective. You can try it yourself, ask for a demo, or signup for a webinar. Either way, you will surely love the product.


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