Breaking: SafeDK Discontinued and Moving to MAX

These breaking news were confirmed by various sources and is quite critical for many publishers. As we have learned this week the SafeDK product will be Discontinued and some of the functionality will be migrated to Applovin MAX mediation platform where it will be available exclusively to customers of that mediation. The change is supposed to take place at the end of the year.

News being shared today:

  • SafeDK will be discontinued as a stand alone product
  • SOOMLA is launching new Ad Quality offering to fill the void

Earlier this year, Applovin acquired SafeDK in a deal rumored to be in the $20M-$30M with most of the consideration rumored to be paid in stock. Here is the link to the announcement on TechCrunch. At the time we blogged some of our thoughts about it. You might notice that we saw this move by Applovin coming a year ago and that we also hinted we may do something about it.

With this context in mind, one can see that the latest announcement from Applovin fulfills the fears of many publishers with regards to this acquisition.

The case for ad quality review

In the last 2 years ad based monetization took over as the leading monetization source for gaming companies while for other app categories it was already the leading source before that. The growing reliance of the industry on ads made publishers dependent on 3rd parties that serve ads inside apps without giving proper control and review tools. Here are some of the use cases that publishers were looking to address:

  • Respond to user complaints by identifying inappropriate ads, tracking their source and quickly requesting the Ad Network to block the ad
  • Find creatives with abnormal click patterns that may indicate of bad user experience that may not be inline with the UX the publishers would like to give it’s users
  • Identify violation of the blacklist policy the publisher have established with the monetization provider
  • Spot when a competing advertiser is starting to advertise a new apps on the publisher app or when a new app from a competing category is doing so
  • Detect apps whose advertising is creating high churn that doesn’t justify the monetization benefits.

Many of these scenarios were addressed with the original SafeDK and are now left without a proper solution in the market. This could cause damage to publishers who may:

  • Start getting bad reviews and low star rating from users
  • Experience higher churn without the ability to control the UX and retention impact of advertising
  • Diminish their reputation and brand by being associated with poor UX and inappropriate ads
  • Lose users to direct competitors and giving them fuel to compete harder

SOOMLA is finally making a move

So while we hinted on this direction the last time we blogged on the subject this is the first time SOOMLA is publicly announcing that we are going to provide a publisher solution for Ad Quality and Creative Review.

Since the beginning of 2020 we have been secretly working on technology to retrieve the Ad Creative of various networks and ad formats. This comes on top of our existing deep ad inspection technology. These days we are rolling this out to a few existing customers and we are planning to onboard 2 customers each month until the end of the year. This is going to be managed with a waiting list.


What will the solution look like

Per Advertiser Gallery

This screen will allow you to search advertisers and then see creatives as a drill down option on a single advertiser.

Mockup of planned feature in SOOMLA dashboard showing ad creatives from a selected advertisers

Responding to complaints – powerful filtering and searching

Once a complaint is received you have a vague description of the ad alongside partial information about the user device model, timing of the ad showing and version used. This screen is designed to help you zone in and narrow the list of creatives you will need to review in order to find the ad that triggered the complaint.

Viewing videos and playable ads with one click

Clicking on each one of the ad will allow you to play it.

Addressing each one of the use cases

The features we are developing are designed to address the use cases we listed above. Specifically the solution will offer:

  • Dedicated screen for chasing down ads that user complained about and report them to the responsible monetization partner.
  • Alerts for black list violations
  • Alerts for watched publishers and categories as new competing apps are launched
  • Dedicated reports for identifying creatives with bad UX and high churn advertisers through tracking engagement KPIs

Current status

  • Our SDK is already collecting ad creatives for the past 3-4 months. This capability is demonstrated in our CI product AdIntel. If you wish to experience it with your own eyes and you are not a customer already you can sign up for a 7 day free trial without a credit card.
  • Currently supported networks: 
    • Admob
    • Mopub
    • Fyber
    • Ironsource
    • Applovin
    • Vungle
    • UnityAds
    • Tapjoy
    • Adx
    • Adcolony
    • 1st July Update: Mintegral + Chartboost Added!
  • Unique creatives identified and analyzed last 90 days :
    • Android – 113,461 
    • iOS – 94,824

Availability schedule

Programmatic data delivery via data dumpsMay 2020COMPLETED
MVP dashboard – functional but doesn’t look nice
+ Blacklist violation alerts
Full dashboard – functional and looks niceSep 30th 2020DESIGN PHASE

Unbiased and Mediation agnostic

As you have come to expect from SOOMLA the Ad Quality solution will be Unbiased and Mediation agnostic. If you want to learn more you can schedule a demo below.

See it in video

The same content is also available in a video we recorded so you can chose the delivery format that is best for you.


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