How to Look Smarter in your Marketing Job Interview

So this post is slightly off-topic for us. Obviously, I’m not the person to give advice on how to interview for a job as I haven’t had one in about 10 years. I’m actually the one sitting on the other side so in second thought maybe that does give me a unique insight on that. This post is not about that at all, however, it’s about “cheating” in your next job interview by coming much more informed then you normally would have used a loop hole in the system.

The loop hole

I’m probably mentioning that in every post but for the time being we are providing a commitment free 7 days trial of AdIntel. That is in fact your loop hole as you use it to drill down on the company marketing tactics before your interview and look like you are way way more informed than you normally would be. The rest of this post will cover what data you want to focus on as a prep for your interview.

Step 1 – Follow the budget

Let’s pretend you are trying to land a job with Super Lucky. It’s a San Francisco based studio and you want to learn as much as possible about them. typing the studio name in AdIntel search bar gives you immediate feedback about them:

In Android they have 20 titles and while many of them are in the Casino genre the ones getting the budget (and marketing attention) are Word Collect and Trivia Star. Do the same for iOS to see if it’s drastically different there.

Just in case you are not sure how to try AdIntel (free and non-renewing trial) we included an easy way for you.


We are still not done following the budget. Clicking on the app that gets the most budget – Word Collect – will give provide a drill down. You can see for example that there is a clear increase in ad spending since the beginning of May.

Step 2 – Follow the creatives

Creatives are a very big part of app marketing these days. Some say it’s the biggest leverage. There are 3 sections you want to focus on:

Creative Mix

Here you can see what creative types are being used by this Super Lucky to promote Word Collect and their performance.

For example you may notice that there are no playable ads being used. That might be on purpose or not.

The top ad creatives

Find this table and check the top ads to understand what make them work.

Here are 2 of their leading ads.

Link to first ad

Step 3 – Follow the competition

Use the search bar to search for a keyword that well defines the genre – in this case it’s “word”. This will bring up the main competitors.

In this case we can see that the scene is quite crowded. We can see who are the other word games. Clicking on each one will present a drill down and you should probably check some of these in the app store as well to determine who is more relevant as a competition. In this case it’s going to be: Wordscapes, Word crush and Word swipe pic. We can now learn more from them if you switch to the compare tab and select them.

This chart tells us the relative budget sizes.

We can see that Word Collect is the 3rd one in the group and about 45% of the budget of the the leader – Wordscapes.

Another interesting chart tells you what networks are being used to promote each title:

You can see that some of the competitors had more success with UnityAds while Super Lucky mainly focuses on other channels.

We also noticed before that Super Lucky doesn’t use any playable ads to promote Word Collect. We can review if the same choice has been made by others as well.

In this case the answer is that the competition is not using playable ads as well.

Finally we can review the level of creative investment by each of the companies:

Some of the competitors are using way more creative variations. This is actually quite interesting and can be an important call to action for Super Lucky.

Step 4 – Follow the KPIs

We are reaching the end of the post but haven’t discussed KPIs yet. This is a critical step. Know and memorize the KPIs as well as the KPIs of the competition.



If you are not sure what some of these abbreviation mean it’s important you look them up in the SOOMLA blog and in our help center

Why read long posts

The content of this blog post is also available in video.

Critical tool for the road ahead

So while I recommend using AdIntel for to prepare for any marketing job interview I also highly recommend it for any marketer that wants to excel at their job. If you are not sure why you can sign up for a free trial and see how the deep the rabbit hole goes. Its free for 7 days, takes 7 seconds to sign up and will make you 7 times smarter.


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