Is Rovio Targeting Android 10 and iPads Exclusively?

Last week we introduced new dimensions to AdIntel – operating system versions, device makers, and device models. The insights came almost immediately and we were able to see some interesting patterns in how different companies are targeting. Obviously, we wanted to tell you about these insights as soon as possible.

Why Operating System Versions

This is a bigger deal on Android then it is on iOS. While on Apple made devices users tend to upgrade rather quickly to new versions on Android users may be stuck on older versions. what this means is that the operating system version on Android is a good indication of the age of the device and to some extent of the wealth of the user as new devices tend to get shipped with the latest version.

Rovio vs. Playrix vs. Peak

So once the information became available in AdIntel we were eager to discover who is using operating system versions as part of their targeting strategy. The simplest way to do that was to use the Compare section in AdIntel that allows us to show multiple titles side by side and see the differences easily.

So this chart makes the differences in strategy quite apparent. While Rovio spends 80% of their budget on devices with Android 10 to promote Angry Birds Dream Blast, Peak only spends 20% of their blasting dollars on Android 10.


Are the CPI bids different?

One can imagine that Android 10 devices are in high demand since many companies view them as better users with a higher likelihood to pay. Let’s see if this assumption is true using the Compare section in AdIntel.

This chart shows us the avg. CPI over the last 90 days for each one of the apps per operating system version:

  • Toon blast / Peak – seems like there is no built in premium for newer versions in their bidding strategy. There is no CPI value for Android 10 version due to the low volume.
  • Plaryix – both their titles share a similar philosophy where Android 10 bids are about 40% compared to Android 9 and almost double compared to older versions
  • Angry Birds Dream Blast / Rovio – their Android 10 bids seems to be also 40% higher compared to Android 9 and it’s likely they completely try to avoid older version or significantly under bid. The volumes are too low to get a fix on those numbers. One other thing to note is that their bids for Android 10 are higher compared to competitors which is correlated with their dominance in Android 10.

What about device targeting strategy?

To showcase this new feature we will switch to iOS. Using the Compare screen we can see how each one of the titles is targeting their ads simply by tracking the budget distribution. Let’s look at iPad vs. iPhone to simplify.

We can see in this chart that Rovio is targeting iPads much more compared to the competition.

Why read long posts

The content of this blog post is also available in video.

Know what you don’t know

AdIntel started 5 months ago and is getting crazy traction in the mobile app ecosystem. We are innovating on a weekly basis and sharing more data dimensions and KPIs not available on competing platforms. Here is a partial list (that keeps getting bigger):

  • IPM metrics for creatives and advertisers
  • CPIs per advertisers, countries and operating system versions
  • CTR and QCTR for creatives and advertisers
  • Breakdowns for DSPs as well as AdNetworks
  • Breakdowns for Devices and OS versions

You can say “Hell, Yah” or “Maybe later” to AdIntel but the at the very list you should know what you are saying Yes/No to. Start a 7 day trial. It’s free, there is no credit card required, and you can get going in less than 15 seconds.


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