+300% Blog Traffic with No Marketing Team

Our blog traffic went up 300% in the last 4 months despite having to let go of our marketing team earlier this year. This blog post will cover:

  • How we did it
  • How you can do it to

+300% from 1 to 4 or from 10K to 40K

Here is the weekly chart from our Google analytics:

Now Everyone knows that percentage improvement is easiest to achieve in small numbers. This is not the case here – our numbers are quite high and have 5 digits in them.

5 Steps recipe – repeat on a weekly basis

Step 1 in our recipe for traffic increase is really good content that is not available anywhere else. This is the key ingredient and the all the other parts of the recipe are the gravy. It has to start with quality content which can be hard or easy depending on your access to great insights and data.

Here is what we have been doing on a weekly basis:

  1. Find interesting insights on AdIntel’s data – for example:
    • 360 on a high profile advertiser
    • Compare 2 similar apps and contrast them
    • Find a pattern and show 5 items as supporting evidence
    • Top x list of something
  2. Write a blog about it
  3. Make a video + embed in the blog
  4. Post the video in social media and link to the blog
  5. Send either the full post or at least half of it to your entire mailing list

We did this for about 12-15 weeks and our traffic went up 4 times.

The most interesting thing about this post is that you can do it to. If you signup to AdIntel you can use it to extract insights and blog about them (with credit, one link back and watermark in images where logo don’t show).


Is it worth it financially?

That’s obviously subjective. Let’s think about it from a performance stand point.

  • The price for a team license of AdIntel is $2,500/month
  • Let’s say that you are running CPC campaigns and are paying for targeted traffic $1 / click – this means that a visitor to your website is worth at least $1.
  • To justify a cost of $2,500 you need 2,500 visitors.
  • The traffic boost on our blog was much more than that (I can say that it was more than 20x that) so even if you have a fraction of our success by following this method you will have ROI.

What about effort and alternative cost for it?

Well, that’s dependent on how frequently your write in your blog but most companies write at least once a week and most of their content is useless in terms of generating traffic or in establishing thought leadership so there is really not much to lose by redirecting this effort into actually providing insights.

Try before you buy

If you are not sure about this pitch of AdIntel as a tool for generating blog worthy insights we understand. You can try it for yourself first for 7 days. Maybe get 2-3 insights to get you going for a few weeks and see how you like it. Quick reminder, if you want to use insights from AdIntel you need to:

  • Give credit in writing somewhere in the article
  • Link back to AdIntel (adintel.soomla.com) in one place in the article
  • Watermark every screenshot with the AdIntel logo (contact us to obtain approved versions) unless the logo is part of the screenshot

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Raised in the Kibbutz and reborn in the city, Yaniv is a certified entre-parent-neur. When he’s not busy doing SEO, content marketing, administration, QA, fund raising, customer support… [stop to breathe], you can find Yaniv snowboarding down the slopes of France and hiking with his kids. Yaniv holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Management from Tel Aviv University. He is also an avid blogger and a speaker at industry events. Before SOOMLA, Yaniv co-founded EyeView


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