Ad Quality MVP is out

In a post from about a month ago, we promised that SOOMLA will provide an Ad Quality solution for publishers who wants to better monitor and control the ad experience in their app. This week we will provide an update on what’s ready and what’s yet to come.

Ad Quality Solution Status

Programmatic data delivery via data dumpsMay 2020COMPLETED
MVP dashboard – functional but doesn’t look nice
+ Watchlist / Denylist alerts
Full dashboard – functional and looks niceSep 30th 2020ON SCHEDULE

What does the MVP phase includes

Obviously, the best way to see the product in action is to schedule a demo. You can do so by clicking on the button below.


Here are some more details about what’s available – we will expand on each one of these:

  • Creatives
    • Screen showing all the creatives showing in your apps + powerful filtering
    • Ad Player showing you the video
    • Dedicated screen to identify creatives with bad UX including heatmaps and click distribution over time
  • Advertisers
    • Screen showing you the top advertisers in your app
    • Watchlist Alerts based on Developer, app or category

MVP Showcase – Creatives Screen

This screen allow you to see all the full size creatives that appear in your app.

Clicking on each one of the rows in this table (or on the Show Ad link on the right) Opens the Ad Player to show you what the ad looks like.

But what makes this screen very powerful is the filtering options. You can easily slice the number of results and narrow down on the ad that your users have being complaining about with any shred of evidence they provide. Filters include: Day, hour, device maker, device model, operating system version, app version, app category, free search field and many other options.

MVP Showcase – Creatives UX Inspection

This screen allows you to identify ads with problematic user experience and is unique to SOOMLA. The top section looks a lot like the main creatives screen but once clicking on the ad you can not only see the ad but also see:

  • CTR – to see if it’s above the norm
  • Bounce rate – what portion of the user clicked back once the app store opened for them
  • Heatmaps – where did users click on the screen
  • Clicks distribution over time – identify auto-redirects

MVP Showcase – Advertisers screen

This screen allows you to see the top advertisers in your app including main KPIs.

You can filter by date, country, platform and more.

MVP Showcase – Advertiser churn report

This feature is also very unique to SOOMLA. For every advertiser, we analyze the user journey of all the users who clicked on the ads promoting the advertiser. We then check to see if these users came back to the app or not. Those who haven’t are considered as churned due to that advertiser.

The screen also allows a customer to quantify the pros and cons of allowing the advertisers to continue placing ads in his app. This is done by comparing the revenue contribution from his ads with the damage caused by user churn attributed to that same advertiser.

MVP Showcase – Watchlist Alerts

This new screen allows customers to set up a watchlist and get alerts in the event that a certain app or developer started advertising in their app. You can set triggers for the alerts based on :

  • App name
  • App developer name
  • App category

Customers have a choice between receiving the alerts via email or on slack in addition to viewing them in the Alerts screen. In addition each rule can be enabled or disabled at will.

Waitlist – 4 slots are gone but 8 slots remain

As we mentioned, we are only onboarding 2 customers every month for the Ad Quality solution. July and August slots were quickly grabbed and there is growing interest in the solution so companies that are interested in the remaining 8 slots should secure their spot quickly.

Next Phase – Full Product (e/o September)

In the blog post last month we promised that the July version will be limited and a full version will be available in September. As the product materializes we are able to share more about what the product looks like.

This screen allows you to easily find the ad that users have been complaining about. The main improvement here are the snapshots that make the inappropriate ads pop out.

Opening the ad will allow you to see the creative in action while also getting more information about the ad and the exposure to your app users.

Finally reporting the ad to the provider whose SDK showed the ad is going to be very easy as we are making templated messages with all the information available including the providers’ own creative ID

All mediation platforms accepted

Regardless of your choice of mediation you are welcome to try the new solution and improve your Ad Quality with these powerful tool.

See it in video

The same content is also available in a video we recorded so you can chose the delivery format that is best for you.


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